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  1. Had my bed rug in the snow for a day.( had to drive to N.C from Mass to pick up a big block, and everything is fine) Bed rug can be washed out... They are water proof. Bed rugs are held in be a velcrow kit that you can buy threw Bed Rug.com. Hope that helps... Nice truck...
  2. how much for the head light and tail lights.... what do you have engine wise. you said you have engine parts... let me know..
  3. Do u have a pic of the long tube headers and a part # ??????
  4. just thought i would ask the question thats all
  5. Well I want to ask the question to get a fast reply. Rather than spending a ton of time looking up the info. Sorry to ask a question about something. You know you didn't have to reply to the post... didn't know you had to ask certin questions that have never been asked....
  6. Just wanted to know what is better to run on my SS. Do i get long tube headers or do I go with short tube.. Can anyone tell me what is better????
  7. Is that ss tailgate spoiler a stock one????
  8. Do you still have the tail gate wing and the side molding??? pm me [email protected]
  9. add me to 2003 ss with 68,000 kind of didn't mind it but now i want a nice ride. pm me for more info
  10. same here 69,000 daily driver at around 35 40 steady speed i hear something. almost sounds like a brake hanging up. which can't be cause i have done all new brakes etc..... what needs to be done to fix it....
  11. Ok so I have a procharger that i am going to install. My next step is tranny work. What should i do. I need help in getting the right stuff. This is what i am planning on doing... Daily driver truck with pretty good street manners. I will race someone off the line here and there and yes I want to take it to the track with my 70 (blown) chevelle Help me out guys.. I also don't want to blow my wallet out either
  12. Really?? My ss has close to 70,000 miles. stock ones are fine
  13. Want to know what type of spark plugs wires and coils I should use??? Just bought a procharger and would like to change everything... I have been looking at msd but all i see is coils and wires for ls1 ls6 (not sure if they will work) let me know
  14. Does anyone have that bracket that they would want to sell. I did get the book and the told me that i should not have any problems.. What eles should I do. Should i get wires and coils to. If so does anyone no the part number
  15. Well i finally got a procharger for a great deal on ebay. I need some help though. It fits a 99 02 chevy 5.3-6.0. I hope that i can just buy the 03-04 bracket. It has everthing to put it on except for the instruction book. Does anyone have one???? Also I need to know what eles i need to do. Can anyone be of help to me???? thanks
  16. Thanks for the help and i hope that i can also recive some more help. As for the tools I have some friends who know a thing or too about mech. work. But like i said I am always open for more help and ideas.. What type of converter and severos should i look for.????
  17. i just bought a procharger for my 2003 ss silverado. My question is what are my next steps. What else should do.I was told that it is sort of easy to install but how easy???? Should I do anything to my tranny????Also should I buy a programer or something of that nature.... What should i be running for boost on the road. (this is a daily drive and weekend toy, when i am not driving my 70 velle) Please help me!!!! ANYONE.... tips are welcome....
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