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  1. ^^^ that's the junkyard where I bought my bed rug for my SS many many years ago. They had a red one there that went threw a wall. Thing was destroyed!!
  2. Look into dynomax x flow. No drone but sounds awesome.
  3. ^^ when my tailgate slammed down many years ago I searched on eBay and typed in Silverado tailgate bezel smooth. Might not find a red one but you never know.
  4. What condition is your radio in. What model number and what would you want for it?? Just curious
  5. Look into cooper discoveries. Great all weather tire. I had 305/50/20's on mine.
  6. ^^^^ I agree. Quick question do you get an exhaust smell in the truck with the heat on. I'm going threw the same thing on my truck. (Yes I know different truck) but when I moving no exhaust smell. Sitting it's bad I have to open a window. Just thought this might narrow it down a little more. I say it's an exhaust leak though.
  7. Never seen the show before. It's alright. Like I said my son and I were watching it and then there goes a black Ss. They got a good shot of it!!
  8. I was at the 99 last night and one was parked outside. Looked clean. Anyone here.
  9. My son wanted to watch the show. I saw a black SS on the show rolling by the camera. Didn't know if it was someone on here. I taped the later show. I will try and get a pic.
  10. I can tell you this from experience. Do not buy slotted rotors. They look cool and that's it. They crack and I didn't notice any difference when I had them! I even had them on my truck now and do to price I went with the solid ones. Wish I did the hydroboost setup also. But the truck is long gone
  11. I have that muffler on my current truck and love it. No drone I would go with the dyno max x flow. No drone when I had it on my SS.
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