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  1. The truck looked better, but after turning off the traction control the TBSS wins hands down! Plus the TBSS has easier function for getting the kids in & out! Has full HID's including fogs, K&N cold air intake, Silver dash & door overlays, suede inserts on front seats, Toyo Proxy tires on Stock wheels
  2. Yeah I switched Jobs so I don't work in an sloppy shit hole anymore! So now I can drive this all the time as my daily! I love it! The Silverado SS looked alot better & was cheaper to lower lol, but I am enjoying this Trailblazer SS. Had to change starter & put a new battery in it, but other than that it's been good so far! Only had it about 2 weeks. My new exhaust is on order! Should be here soon I hope! It's good to hear from you guys again! Looking forward to a meet if we cam make one happen again!
  3. Wanna do a headliner on my TBSS while your in the area?
  4. Hey fellas! Been a while since I have been on here. I sold my truck almost a year ago & have missed it ever since. Well I switched jobs so I got rid of my Dakota Crew cab & got this! Here is my 2006 TBSS
  5. no the guards are not scratched up like the headlight covers
  6. They are MaxcarR 6000k & were bought from fast4popper when he was selling them!
  7. There are some scratches & finger prints on them
  8. I have a 145amp alt for the Silverado. I'll take it in tomorrow morning & have it checked to make sure it's stiill good
  9. putco inchannel rain guards $25 shipped Street Scene SS style rear roll pan $120 shipped 03+ silverado fuse box cover $30 shipped 03+ catch all rear floormat $30 shipped 03+ upper headlight covers $10 shipped MaxcarR 6000k Full high & low beam HID set with 1 spare high beam & 2 spare low beam bulbs $120 shipped These are the ones fast4popper was selling.
  10. If I still have my truck by then I may come up
  11. I have a stock black one from my truck for $100 shipped
  12. No one has sent me any cash or arranged a meet up... so it"s still available
  13. Well I have it listed on another forum for $500 obo I also have a brand new MTX 1501D to power it for $300. I will not be at the meet next weekend as my truck is at a broker getting ready for sale. kcsilveradoss if you are interested we might be able to work something out. I don't expect this to last long with the quality of this build & the work fast4pooper has done to it. Plus being the only 1 to have a box that no one esle has! I hate to get rid of it, but I'm not letting it go with my truck...
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