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  1. mikeczech79

    taking off my tail gate spoiler (for sale)

    any pictures?
  2. mikeczech79

    Rear Bumper Needed

    I am looking for a rear bumper for an '03 SS. I do not need the plastic bumper cover, I am just looking for the actual metal bumper with the brackets. I will take just the metal bumper if you do not have the brackets. You can call me or email me. My # 407-733-9161.
  3. mikeczech79

    Wanted rear bumper

    Great thank you.
  4. mikeczech79

    Wanted rear bumper

    Awsome ,i definetly want it . Do you have the brackets too? (or) is it just the bumper? Please get a shipping quote for me, You would be shipping it to Orlando, FL 32825 I do not mind paying for the shipping but I want to know how nuch it is first. Once you tell me the shipping amount, I can then make a payment to you by Pal Pal if you like. Is that OK? Thanks - Mike
  5. mikeczech79

    Wanted rear bumper

    I would like to buy a rear bumper for my truck if anyone has one for sale. I do not need the platic cover ,just the metal part of the bumper and maybe the 4 brackets if available. Please let me know how much you want for it shipped to 32825 Thanks
  6. mikeczech79

    Rear bumper cover for sale

    Original Bumper Cover From '03 SS for sale. Needs minor body work as someone rear ended me. It is not that bad howeveer I bought a new one and I am selling this one. I have included photos to show the details. I am selling it for only $100. You can pick it up if you are local to Orlando,FL. Otherwise you would have to pay the shipping. If you are interested or have a question please email me [email protected] or you can me at 407-733-9161.
  7. I was interested in buying a low profile tonneau cover for an 03 sss Let me know if you have one for sale .I live in Orlando FL.32825 and will pay for shipping if reasonable.Thanks
  8. mikeczech79

    A.R.E Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

    How much for the tonneau cover shipped to 32825 ?
  9. mikeczech79

    Tonneau Bed Cover

    How much would you sell the cover for ?
  10. mikeczech79

    Parting Out All Stock 2003 Ss

    I am looking for passenger side mirror .Do you still have it??
  11. mikeczech79

    Wanted: Air Intake

    I have a stock one i can sell you .
  12. mikeczech79

    New Parts Garage Sale Ls1 Ls7 Lsx Km Tools The Mother Load

    Yes i'm verified. What email address do i send the payment to? Is the total $ 80 dollars ? Does that include the shipping? I need it shipped to my home address in Florida. My address is.... 1136 Grayson Dr. Orlando,Fl 32825 I can send you a payment as soon as you let me know what address to send the payment to and what the total is.....Once I send you the payment when will you ship it out? My truck is not driveable until I get this replaced so I am trying to get it asap....Talk to you soon...Thanks...Mike
  13. mikeczech79

    New Parts Garage Sale Ls1 Ls7 Lsx Km Tools The Mother Load

    where do i send the payment to? How do you want me to take care of the payment,do you exept pay-pal
  14. mikeczech79

    New Parts Garage Sale Ls1 Ls7 Lsx Km Tools The Mother Load

    This exhaust is from a 03 silverado ss truck ?