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  1. previous owner had installed a block heater and that is the cord for it, I never drive it in the winter. What's the price on the djm rear bar GURU? I really wanted all new bushings up front!
  2. Thanks for the reply got the kit today! It is jam packed with goodies. You would think they would give you a pan gasket and filter with it.
  3. Well damn, I guess I put my foot in it - LOL - Anyone want to buy a belltech front sway bar Thanks Guys for the comments on the truck. I hardly ever drive it, it sits at home covered up unless on the weekends when it's nice out. But I do want to get it finished and move onto some honeydo projects at home - well ok finish my home theater is not really a honey do but it's on the list as well. rgds, Dave
  4. Well I was trying to decide on engine or suspension first and I chose suspension, brakes and tranny first. So I ordered the belltech 2/2 drop (I tow in the summer a bit) as well as the belltech sway bar kit with the street shocks. I am doing the tranny with the all the components from the how to and I will hopefully get my z06 brake upgrade done this year or over the winter while it's in storage. I store it at my shop so I have all winter to work on it. The parts should all be in next week. so the next pic it will be a little lower with the sway bars and tranny complete and a fresh wheatley tune for the whole package. I really want to pull the box and front clip when I do the motor so I can clean up the frame anyhow so that will be another winter project. I also picked up the sub box for my dual 10 alpine swr's and my new alpine PXA-800 processor and back up cam finally came in so I can complete the stereo as well this summer I hope. rgds, Dave
  5. I have a set of russel's at the shop unopened that I got a couple years ago I will check the part number on them and let you know if it is the same. I installed a set of russells on my 03 ss with stock cali's but I do not have that number either, I have not ordered the Z06 parts yet, good to know this may be a problem though. Dave
  6. Hey All, Is this basically the same kit as the shift-kit how-to write up but with everything in one Kit. Is it possible to install without removing the tranny. There is a Lot to it compared to the HD-2 kit. the shop putting it in seems to think the tranny has to come out to do the complete kit. http://www.superior-transmission.com/Product_Page.cfm?ID=225 Thanks, Dave
  7. Hey All, I am trying to decide if I want to S/C my SS (04 AB 100K Miles) or do a 376 or the like drop in Crate Motor. I would love to do a 427 but $$$. What's the conclusion for a NON-Daily driver. I bought the truck 2 years ago and have put less than 3000 miles on it in that time. It just sits in the driveway looking SEXY. I think I have had about 10 notes on the windshield asking me if I want to sell it. I was also thinking about a CTS-V or 6.2 S/C drop-in. Opinions are much appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  8. here are some pics of the cover, they are not the best pics sorry I cannot get good light in the bay that it is in. If I can get some help on the weekend I will pull it out into the daylight and snap some better ones. Thanks, Dave
  9. Kev, Do you have the cigarette lighter and trim cubbies available. Does the 6.0 drop in include the pcm can you crate it for freight? I'll bite how much for the 414 and headers. What's the C/R on that motor will it still take a blower. Thanks, Dave
  10. stg313 - you can say that, I,ve done payables at the shop twice and held back on paying there bill because of that. I have already submitted a claim with my rep over the damages. We will see what happens. The shipper cannot be blamed completely they really should be boxing the hoods better, it basically is a box surrounding the hood and two frames for the top and bottom supporting the hood the front and backsides have no support at all. Chris's job on crating the tonneau was amazing and I am in awe on how the shipper damaged it dead center on the top side. shawnss - I am thinking 2/3 drop for now. When it gets closer to the process I will think about it some more. ssblue24 - the tires are 285/45/22, they were on the rims when I bought them and almost new. rgds, Dave
  11. I will snap some better pics of it in the morning. I tried to day but the light in the bay was not very good and the cover looked black. Dave
  12. Hey All, I have the stock AB hood off my truck it is in great shape paint is nice no liner, there is some rust around the latch - $250 plus shipping have the box from the aftermarket hood. Lowrider AB tonneau cover with hardware fit 6.5 box ofcourse. great shape carpeted underside - $300 plus shipping and crating. Parts are in Ottawa, Ont Canada. Regards, Dave
  13. those are 22" reps but yes I love the stock look as well.
  14. 2003 Victory Red Silverado SS AWD 6.0L LQ9 Engine 345HP. 4L65E 4 SP Automatic Trans. Fully Loaded with EVERY OPTION including leather and on-star. factory bose 6 disc radio. Dual climate control. Towing package. Truck has been very well maintained. K&N Filter, MSD plug wires. NGK TR55IX plugs. computer tuned. Transmission Upgrades with Transgo shift kit and corvette servo. All new brakes this year with backing plates and e-brake shoes as well as stainless Steel Flex Hoses, wheel bearings inner tier rods. Brand New Nitto 420S Tires and Boss 330 polished lip black rims in the spring. T/A Diff Girdle. New front and Rear Bumper Covers in August. All Fluids are Royal Purple and will have fresh oil, filter for the new owner. Everything on the truck works 100%. Asking 16,000 Truck is located in Ottawa, Ont Canada. There is a tear in the drivers front seat on the seam and the clearcoat is lifting on the drivers door pillar, both items will be repaired for the new owner, It is not a Show truck but it cleans up really nice, small stone chips here and there nothing major, there is one spot of rust on the passenger fender right above the wheel well. The mileage is 196,000 Km or roughly 120,000 Miles. e-mail me with any questions. The tune was done by Wheatley.
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