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  1. Buyer pays Shipping. For a faster response, you can text me at 832-431-0243
  2. Buyer pays Shipping. For a faster response, you can text me at 832-431-0243
  3. Just like the title states, what are the gains if any?
  4. ivin74

    Trade my Cowl for 06 RED Hood

    Matt can you post more pics of the wheels? they look good on your truck
  5. ivin74

    •• Houston TX Members Advice••

    Move to Pearland, it's like 10 minutes from the hobby are port.
  6. Like the title the plate holder is in exellent shape $50 buyer pays shipping costs
  7. Hello to you all. My family is getting bigger and its time for an SUV. For sale 2003 silverado SS AWD arrival blue very rare and hard to find located in Houston Texas the truck has 90,xxxx miles Asking price is $15,000 obo. This SS has every option available in 2003. As long as I have owned this truck it has been garaged more than it has neen under the weather. in the 5 years that I have owned this truck I have always used premium fuel and syntethic oil. This truck has never being abuse OR RACED its a truck guys not a race car and yes I like going to the track but I race my 1999 Z28 in which I have owned since new. The only time I ever used this truck as a truck was when me and my son would go four wheeling and I would trailer (6x10 utility trailer) my atvs to the Sam Houston National forest. The only mods I ever did to this truck was bolt on mods. Why did I do the mods? I added those bolt on mods to unleash the potential of the 6.0 H.O. engine & belive me it made a difference. The truck sounds awsome and I get complements every where I drive it. I am the 3rd owner and the 2nd owner was my high school best friend in which he regrets saleing the truck to me. Here is the list of bolt on mods. I do not know what the actual horsepower is nor the quater mile time its a truck guys not a race car. Yes it passes the Texas emissions. AEM cold air intake Electric fans High flow cats 3 chamber magna flow muffler with dual 2.5 exhaust all the way to the rear. X- pipe Pace setter headers NGK spark plugs new wire set back in 2010 when i did the exhaust. custom tune other extras accesories 22" wheels 1 JBL 10" woofer kenwood flip up touchscreen ipod connection,cd, dvd player with remote control & sirrus radio free for life. Alphine amp. 5 way for system Alphine tv screens on the rear head rest (2) line X bed protection snug top bed cover w matching color. All speakers have been replace with aftermarket cant remember what was installed. upgraded the alternator to a 145 amp 2 car batterys under the hood for system in which i never got to finish. Aftermarket sunroof.
  8. ivin74

    WTB factory spindles and torsion keys

    I will trade you my factory spindles for your mcgrady spindles if they are still available
  9. ivin74

    Wtb 3 piece engine covers

    I got a set if anyone else is interested. Hit me up at [email protected]
  10. I want to see whats out there.
  11. ivin74

    How To: Bumper Mod

    looks alot better
  12. Who sells the Z06 brake conversion kit brakets?
  13. ivin74

    Corvette Z06 brake conversion brakets

    never mind, just found it
  14. ivin74

    magnuson supercharger for sale

    Can you post some pictures
  15. ivin74

    Best tunning in Houston

    Does anyone know a good tunning shop in the Houston Area? I'm not all for any mail tunes or tune meets just because if something goes wrong I want to be able to drive over to their shop and get me ride fix. I want to speak to real people. I got my SSS tuned by vendor here and i dont want to deal with those head aches again.
  16. ivin74

    Gargling/ rattling sound though headers

    Get your cats looked at. If you have the factory cats get rid of them and get some high flow cats.
  17. ivin74

    Adding AUX

    I have done it to both my SSS and my Yukon Denali and it works great. I followed the write up and it worked all i do is tune my XM to channel 0 and i start jamming
  18. ivin74

    Best tunning in Houston

    thx guys. I've heard of flaco tunning, does anyone have experience dealing w him?
  19. ivin74

    WTB ss silverado front tag holder

    Livilz, im interested in the silver one
  20. ivin74

    Lincoln, NE.. RCSB SS Clone

    Redssclone keep us posted on the progress. I would aslo like to do one in red too.
  21. Can some one help me find the best fuel injector cleaner.
  22. ivin74

    C5 Z06 kill

    Nice kill
  23. ivin74

    post your engine pictures

    I would like to see some pictures of different set ups.