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  1. I am seeing if I have anything planned.. I would like to go..We need to get together soon! Havent seen any of the NE guys for some time now!
  2. Congrats! You will love the new horsepower! Good luck with the install. Are you doing it yourself?
  3. Luke, I am not going to be able to make it this yr. We have family plans that came up that day. Sorry!
  4. I will most likely have my son up there again!! He will be 7 in July. He had blast last yr.
  5. Thank you for all your input! I will look into the reflex lining (Never heard of it, until now).
  6. I do not know too much about Rhino liners. My Dad is looking into lining the bed of his pickup truck, but the guy he talked to was pushing him away from the Rhino liner, and towards the plastic liner. He is looking to protect his truck bed from scratches, etc. from light to moderate seasonal hauling of tree limbs, scrubs, and household items (as needed). I was never a big fan of the plastic liner. From the minimal research I have done, it seems like the best way would be to do the Rhino liner for maximal protection. I am looking for some personal experiences, professional experiences (if you do this for a living), or anything you can share on the topic to help me guide my Dad in the best direction. Thanks!
  7. Looks awesome! I have been considering doing this for some time now. Love the look!
  8. I don't think it is TOO high..Maybe a $1000 or so high, but that seems to be the going price at dealerships for that yr. Like mentioned above, I have seen recently 03-04 with more miles going for $24,000.
  9. Hopefully, someone will video your runs E Mack...I wish I could make it to see.
  10. I have the 122 Maggie, same style as the 112. Mine will do the same thing at a certain percentage before boost.
  11. He was too busy cheesing it up w/his g/f. haha First, he comes late to the BBQ w/the chips, then he doesn't take any pics. He is a lost cause!
  12. Mark, I will be there...Please let me know what I can bring to the BBQ. Luke, if you wanted to meet up on your way down to Mark's house that day, depending which route you are taking.
  13. I will most likely be going on Saturday, but not entering my truck
  14. Just to let you know...My son fell asleep on the ride home. When he woke up, first thing he said is "Can you put Hungry Sharks on your ipod?" haha
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