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  1. Can you mail them to me in Seward,Alaska 99664 via USPS? Let me know, Tony [email protected]
  2. That's why they're folding.... if they sold them at a fair price, they could sell 10X as many - this by the way, is a fair price!
  3. I'll take it... PM sent!
  4. What style is it? The picture isn't clear enough to tell fo sure. Tony
  5. Where/who are you getting that from? Any info would be appreciated! Tone
  6. I'm an idiot too -- so how do I get those d**n gaskets in place? Tone
  7. "I got a deal on some HID kits and I can get you any size you like" Can you get me an HID kit to replace my 880 fogs? Let me know, Tone
  8. So... do you think that there will be any issues with the anti-theft device -- like the unit being locked or anything? Bad Dad
  9. Yeah, what he said... If you find a distributor... let us know! Tone
  10. Will you mail it to me at area code 99664 (Alaska) for 40 bux? Let me know, Tone
  11. No harm... No foul... Now shake hands... and go to neutral corners!
  12. No fittings... but does it have any hardware at all? (I'm talking mounting straps, nuts/bolts, anything) Let me know... BD
  13. I send another e-mail... I may not have enough post's to send PM's. TTT again Bad Dad
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