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  1. you had me, but i new you were doing you new motor and tranny and was wondering why would you get rid of that? Who would buy it unless they knew you? If someone unsuspecting came into ownership they would relize the loud pedal is dangerous and just leave it parked.
  2. You know we have special trucks when the insurance company gave my 12k for the damage and said if it was a regular silverado it would have been half of that. I personally helped the body shop with the rebuild so I could watch him like a hawk to put my baby back together and not cheap out on it. The grille alone is four times more then a regular silverado, all of it is GM except for the Keystone Goodhood of course.
  3. Hey guys, got my truck back from the body shop. While it was in there it got new injectors, new gowheatly tune, e-fans from Mr.P and of course the Ram Air hood. The truck runs great and drives straight as an arrow, I missed it dearly but now I have to focus on my firebird once again
  4. Hey track rat, i'm from blue earth, and they're is couple other guys from mankato on here.... My truck is in the body shop right now.... but welcome to the site...
  5. Yeah, I run these on my SSS, Gowheatly tuned for these and the shift is pretty firm, and now I wrote my own tune for my tranny and the 1-2 shift is hard, and the 2-3 shift is a little softer, but yeah these things are great. I got mine from JET Performance and run AMSOIL in the tranny. Trans temp has never been over 160 degrees according to the gauge, reads high, about 15 degrees too high. And that was pulling a 5000lb boat down the interstate at 80mph in fourth gear.
  6. Go with Gowheatly and get yourself some Long Tube Headers. Those were the two things I did that made the biggest difference, before the cam and roller rockers.
  7. Well I totally want the Keystone 442 style hood, and agree that maybe I should save the money on the grill inserts and put that towards some more performance, maybe Nitrous? Already sent my PCM back to GoWheatly for another tune, for my GM Hot Cam and 1.8 Roller Rockers, and hooking up the ram air tube on the Volant CAI. But I do need 44lb injectors because my Injector Duty Cycle goes to 100% @ 4600rpm, that should never happen. And I'll plan on switching to E-fans. The fiberglass hood is on sale at Stylin Concepts for about the same price as a GM hood. So any other Ideas?
  8. Ok, so winter just hit Minnesota hard. I'm heading back to my house and coming down a snowy hill and some guy from the left who has a yield sign blows right through it. While he tries to avoid me, by speeding up, he just spins. Piece of s**t old red rusty s10 and I broadside him. Next thing I know I'm in someones yard, my airbags went off and I just hop out of the truck just a yelling at this guy. Called 911, first time I ever swore at an officer, called them, they gave this guy a ticket and said it was completely this guys fault so, I take the truck to my buddy's auto body shop. I plan on getting a 442 style fiberglass hood, switching to E-fans, chrome out the front, and get bigger injectors. Is there anything else I should try to do while its in the body shop? Any suggestions would be great.
  9. Was thinking about adding nitrous and was wondering who made the best kit?
  10. Hey Guys, I'm modifiying my wiring harness from an LQ4 and the rear O2 sensor plugs were cut off so I don't know which one was the front or rear plug. I will only be running the front O2 sensor only as I have removed all emission equipment and A/C. I have figured out alot from this harness because half the plugs were cut off and I scored this harness for only 50 bucks. Any help would be great. For eveyone else modifying these harnesses is
  11. Hey Guys I just scored a LQ4 with the Harness for 500.00. What are the sensors need to run this motor? I will be running a 4l80e behind it and got the harness accordingly but it is missing the passenger side o2 plugs and maybe the MAF. Can I just buy the pigtails and fix the harness that way? But what is needed to make this thing run before I stick major performance parts into it?
  12. Hey Guys I'm from Blue Earth, does anybody custom tune from around here?
  13. Yeah well I will need it for sure, got beat by a f**king Tacoma today
  14. Hey Guys, I have the fastest truck in my little town, but I want more! I have most of the basic bolt ons but was thinking about a Radix. I have billet servos for 2nd and 4th and just changed the tranny fluid yesterday, AMSOIL! do you think my tranny will handle a supercharger? when I took the pan off it was spotless but two bolts were on the magnet but I put them back in place. I'd really like to blow people away. It has just under 34000
  15. I only have 29000 miles on my beast and will probably go with a mild cam
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