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  1. Ruben525

    Home alarm system Vivint vs ADT

    Ive looked around and it seems like Vivint and ADT are the best choices in my area. I heard positives and negatives about both so I guess I'll have to see who sells there product to me
  2. Ruben525

    What's Up Guys

    I follow
  3. Ruben525

    Home alarm system Vivint vs ADT

    My parents had monotronics and they didn't like it on my last halide I had every door and window covered I wanna do the same for the next house I think adt will give me a discount on everything since I was already with them for a few years
  4. Ruben525

    Home alarm system Vivint vs ADT

    Do you have the thermostat too?
  5. I'm looking into a home alarm system for my new home I'll hopefully be moving into within the next two weeks. I had adt at my old house but I was wondering what experience any of you had with these two company's.
  6. Ruben525

    Stock Suspension off my 06 SS

    Thanks guys
  7. Anybody interested in stock suspension from my 06 SS make me an offer I'm in central Cali
  8. Ruben525

    Twisting Center Cap Problem

    Go around the plastic tabs with electrical tape about 3 or 4 times then line up the cap and push it in problem solved
  9. Ruben525

    Ford Bash of the Day #3

  10. Ruben525

    All cleaned and polished

  11. Ruben525

    Few questions about buying a new truck

    Yea I'm gonna look into it. Yea I would like to buy local I'm gonna try family motors in delano
  12. Ruben525

    Few questions about buying a new truck

    Motor city and thanks everyone for all the info I'm gonna look around online to see if I can find some info on rebates and if nothing is coming out soon looks like I might have to wait awhile but it's worth it to not over pay
  13. So I went to the dealer today to check out the 2013 and 2014 sierras well I made up my mind I want a 14 but there are no rebates right now and I'm looking at somewhere around 44k out the door. I got a quick quote and with 15k down ill still have a 530.00 payment and that seems kinda high but I've never bought anything brand new before so not too sure how payments work. I have 18-20k to put down but is it better to put that down or is it better to send more to the princable? Any tricks to get the price down? Ill take any advice you guys have. Also I have a point or 2 on my record and my insurence might be a little so that's another reason I don't want a high payment. I'm hoping rebates or some kind of sale will come out maybe 4th of July?.
  14. Ruben525

    CA SS owners

    Which shop did you go to? Maybe you should try another shop you shouldn't have a problem
  15. Ruben525

    CA SS owners

    I'm 90% sure mine only had 2 and I passed smog