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  1. Thanks BigRed. I'm hopeful that I can find a low mile RWD one later this year or my old one.
  2. If I can source another SSS later this year, I'll be on more often... I miss having a truck.
  3. Very nice new truck!
  4. I sold my 03 SSS to a guy in the Virginia Beach area before we got orders to Germany. We are returning to the states this Fall and I'm looking to either re-acquire my ole girl or find a 2wd SSS model. I'm not 100% certain on the location we are going to next, but it may be the Tampa, FL area. My VIN was: 2GCEK19N131297244 if anyone knows how to research where she is now. LMK what you have available around Oct and if it's close to FL.
  5. Well she's sold! I hate to see her go, but it is what it is. I'll have another truck someday. I'll keep up with the forum drooling over some sick rides.
  6. Bump back up. Price reduced. This would make a nice x-mas present to someone....
  7. Bump this up. I know there's someone out there that is looking for an SSS.
  8. Thanks bud. Sometimes we gotta make sacrifices.
  9. Here is a quick vie of her running: http://s256.photobucket.com/user/cdh6969/media/Truck%20Stuff/MVI_0836.mp4.html
  10. Yep, I'm selling my ZHAULR. I don't have to sell her, but if doing so puts my family in a better position financially then it's the smartest thing I can do right now. $13.2K OBO. KBB puts her at $14.2K in her current condition. I know I won't ever get what I've put into her so please no low-ball offers. Buyer pays for shipping. Call or text if your interested: Chris H. 979-637-0634 Details: Located in Williamsburg, VA 23188 2003 Silverado Super Sport AWD, Arrival Blue 6.0ltr LQ9 motor 128.5K on the clock Mods: Man fan delete/Electric fans form '05 Silverado PCM tuned for performance and electric fans by PCM for less 160 degree t-stat NGK TR-55 plugs Taylor wires Volant Cold Air intake with ram air scoop Flowmaster 10 series custom exhaust before axle Billet 5-piece front grill Billet fuel door Power Slot front brake upgrade (fronts are 14" rotors) Hawk HPS pads Nitto 420S tires (approx 4K mi on them) 285/50-20s KYB mono-max shocks up front, gas-adjust rears Goodridge stainless steel braided brakes lines Trailer brake control module (new, but not installed remote start from Avitol) (new, but not installed rear LED center brake light, Bully dog) The truck runs strong as an ox. 345hp/380tq from factory. With the mods and tune she should be around 365/400 now. I have no issues pulling my 2k lb trailer and the 3600lb camaro behind her.
  11. I believe there is one rolling around Ft. Eustis. I'm right down the road in WB. I may be selling my SSS here soon though. Gotta pay some bills.
  12. Cool. for further clarification in case anyone had some confusion... the Goodrigdge kit I got was the G-stop kit 14182. the lines i used were 1/4" from Napa and the fittings on the ends were 7/16 x 24. the fittings that go into the ABS module are a different size and pitch.
  13. Update- I had a buddy of mine hook up a tech II to see whats up. The switch in the cab is working, the BCM is receiving the signal and sending it to the relay. Relay is energized and the fuses are fine. We checked for voltage at the relay and its fine. It seems the problem is in between the fuse and relay connection. We jumpered that connection and viola, the high beams came on. So that told up the problem is within the fuse block. I pulled the fuse block out but I cant figure out how to open in to correlate what pins connect where. Anyone know how?
  14. Update--- The lines on my truck were 7/16 x 24 and the Goodridge kit did work. I had to replace a few of my hard lines after two of them ruptured under the truck while my wife was about to drive her. Apparently corrosion is bad in this model Silverado. So, I went ahead and refitted my hard lines and swapped in the SS lines too.Stock fittings were mushroomed from over tightning which caused the new lines not to want to thread on like I previously mentioned. No more spongy brake pedal. New fluid+new lines= firm and even pedal feel.
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