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  1. I need to buy the door itself... do you guys have the door in the color graystone and also, what is the part number for the actual door. Is it the door shell or the outer panel or is it both?
  2. Like the title says I need a driver side door for a silverado classic. I don't mind if its used as long as the color is graystone. I have money in hand, I need the door because of an accident I was in. PM me with any info. thanks, Jayson
  3. how much are u asking! if the price is decent i'll hop on it! I was looking for the ss front bumper though! do u know anybody selling one?
  4. im looking for the front ss bumper!
  5. as said above. I need ss front bumber with all the accessories. also looking for ss grill!
  6. can you do shipping if so i'll pay. If you do a frieght company it would cost alot cheaper
  7. hey doesn't anybody have anything! i have MONEY!!!!! i need to convert my silverado to an SS! Please anybody? if anything i'll buy everything from factory! if someone can give me their vin # and i could go to gmpartsdirect.com or something.
  8. I'm in Miami! will pay for shipping if items are reasonably cheap and good condition.
  9. i don't mind if it's from different people and different colors. i am going to repaint the parts. anyone with anything email me at [email protected] or pm me. Thanks! Jayson
  11. would i have to get any specific headers, exhaust pipes for this conversion. Also, the computer would have to be a tunable stand alone, correct. and will the tranny mounts fit the silverado? In addition, do you guys now any shops down in miami or south florida that can help with the complete make over.
  12. Hello, I'm new to this forum because i just bought a 2007 Silverado classic WT V6 . (yeah it sucks) but i got it cheap with 5 miles for $19,850 w/ tax and everything. Anyways, I am buying the complete SS conversion kit from Cali on this forum and getting that done as soon as i get it. I was also thinking to change the sluggish V6. My Uncle has a LS2 that come off of his 2006 Corvette and i was wondering maybe i could put it in the silverado. What i wanted to know is your feedback, opinion, knowledge, and what exaclty i would need to do this conversion. I know i would need a computer, wiring, and tranny, but what else?
  13. did you guys see that The Heat are kicked out in the first round by the Bulls. This has been the first time that champions have left the first round since 1956.Thats crazy; however, i'm still going for the Mavs
  14. jayson924


    this truck is f***ing perfect. clean, sleek, sexy. GOD!!!!!
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