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  1. so what up guys....... im trying to get a bezel for my powerseat #5 in the drawing and i get PEWTER SHALE NUETRUAL at the gmpartsdirect site........ as my options..... help lol
  2. i got mine from advancedautoparts it was 220 but they just lowered the price not 2 long ago so now its 170 + if u google around u can get a 50 off coupon and drop it down to almost the price thats on summitracin..... + u dont have to deal with shipping and all that but that is IF you have a advanced auto near u
  3. well besides the nittos 420s which i loved...... whats a good tire to run? thinkin of getting General - Grabber HTS. thinkin of a all season tire..... Since im up in the northeast now..... going stock tire size..... tnx guise.
  4. love my black 22's w/ the chrome lip and i really hate to do this but the shitty roads up here in MA are really wanting me to go back down to 20's and put more rubber between the road and the rims... i have already had to change out 2 tires and 1 rim cuz of the stupid sh!tty roads here since moving from AZ. going to be getting the 20's Replicas in black and will be putting on some smaller nitto 420s my Question is should i stick to 305 or just get the stock one of 275/55R20? right now i have the nitto 420s 305/40/22...... and love the wide tire... but the price is really nice on the stock sizes doe. anyone have pics of dem 20in black replicas installed on our trucks??
  5. No matter what i do floor face face/floor it just keeps shooting out of the defrost vents...... anyone had this problems b4? looked it up thru google and says could be a bad hvac actuator.... did a quick search at advanced auto and whole bunch of actuators popped up ranging from $50- $100+ if anyone has a real part number i can run off it would be appreciated. http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/web/PartSearchCmd?storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&pageId=partTypeList&suggestion=&actionSrc=Form&langId=-1&searchTerm=hvac+actuator&vehicleIdSearch=254214&searchedFrom=header Also my wiper sometimes wont stop..... like ill turn it on at the lowest setting but it works as if its in the highest setting and i shut it off and it doesnt stop...... keeps going for a good 5-15 mins b4 it stops..... only way to stop it is to shut off the truck... Google says wiper pulse board or wiper module but again i cant find the right part number. http://www.summitracing.com/search?SortBy=BestKeywordMatch&SortOrder=Ascending&keyword=wiper%20pulse if u have a link to the parts from ebay or summit post em plz ^_^ thanks.
  6. u changed ur username....... damn truck looks sick will yo r those 22 reps? what tire u runnin?
  7. i was just hibernatin bruh... speakin of hibernatin ur about to be doin that pretty soon hows ak i was just in the ak meetup thread and was lookin at google maps and seeing some of the changes lol
  8. just hit up radio shack brah dey should have em sometimes the kid workin the counter will just give it for free. tru story
  9. Wow im lookin at where i used to live when i was up in alaska and see that they built a target and a bestbuy right next to my crib up near muldoon... had to go to all the way to diamond mall to hit up bestbuy back in the day lol We had our first SSS meet next to the diamond mall's bestbuy at this place called GALLOs 4 of us showed up lulz but it was a good time. idk if any of them still lurk here or not ahaha im bored and checking out the streetview in googlemaps the dennys on near diamond mall is some mac store now haha use to go in there all the time after clubbin
  10. most of the new people buying these trucks don't know about the site. on the reg doe i c like 2-4 ss's driving around MA granted some of them are messicand out but yea.... this site was poppin around 2k5-2k10 dem good ole dayz. i have been seeing a red one at a dealer for the past couple of months thats for sale and hasn't budged. lol 274 users are online (registered + visitors)25 members, 234 guests, 15 anonymous users dem guests doe
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