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  1. Thanks guys, appreciate the support and good reviews!
  2. Hey guys, just want to get your opinion on a website project I have been working on. Basically a car news site. http://www.hpaddicts.com If this not ok to advertise like this, Moderators please take it down. Thanks!
  3. Sometimes I can't read road signs and I'm 19
  4. Great news Alan, glad she is doing well and god bless her.
  5. I wont be able to make it. College trip this weekend. Sorry guys
  6. I'm down if I don't have baseball. To bad I don't have a SS but it's always good chillin with you guys.
  7. Checking around the the bank this week to see if I can get some financing and if I can qualify so I'll just put this up so I can see how things turn out. Located in Las Vegas so preferably anything on the west but I can fly out. Looking for a Black SS, Under 40k, mods are fine as well as bone stock. Looking to Pay 20,000 on a tight budget.
  8. Haha I wonder how that ford felt being passed by two SS's
  9. This could be the next meeting place for the meet. Your pool ! haha
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