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  1. Its not a brake caliper locking up......thats for sure.
  2. Back when I was looking into doing a tune (5 years ago) between reading and asking guys on this forum and doing my own research, some were leaving 50% - 20% Torque Mgt. Talking with the shop that did my tune they suggested zeroing out my Torque Mgt to get the most benefit of mimicing a mild shift kit. Which it did. What I noticed with no Torque Mgt is that there is no overlap between shifts and I was wondering if that is causing accumalator (sp?) issues at times or soliniod (sp?) issues. I did have a trans shop drop the pan in the trans (4 yrs ago) and check out the soleniods and had them replaced, but it still happens. I compare the overlap with my wifes '08 Trailblazer SS, bone stock. The Torques Mgt really hampers that trans. But it sitll runs like a raped ape After thinking about this tune/trans deal, I remembered that sometimes when I am slowing down in traffic and its in 2nd and has to downshift (under normal throttle or punchin' it) it wil stick as well. Thats why I was wondering if anybody had some percentage of Torque Mgt added back into thier tune?? Thanks for the feedback guys!! Keep it coming, maybe we'll get this figured out.
  3. When you guys had your tune done, did they leave in any Torque Management?? or zero it out?? I was checking out those corvette servos a few years back. Anyone put those in without a shift kit??
  4. I will keep looking. I thought the AEM dry filter might work?? I would hate to have to replace the whole system. I was hoping someone had found another vendors dry filter that would work. Thanks
  5. Just wondering if anybody is running a Outlaw Cold Air Intake system, and have you found a replacement filter (dry filter) for it?? Thanks
  6. No, it stays in gear no matter if you hit the gas or not. It eventually shifts after around 5-7 seconds. What year of Silverado did you tune your other trucks to?? I might look into that.
  7. Not sure what you mean? It does it when I start to go from a stop or a stop light. It gets "stuck" in first gear for around 5-6 seconds and then shifts to second gear.
  8. Hey all! Its been awhile since I have been on here. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue.... I have a '04 SS, awd, 51,000 miles, everything stock except for outlaw cold air intake. Had it street tuned w/HP tuner (at around 30.000 miles) by a local speed shop here in Wash St. around 2006-2007. The tune is great....except for occasionally the trans will seem to "stick" for around 5-6 seconds going from 1st to 2nd. I mean it is stuck for that time no matter what you do. I usually let off on the throttle until it engages. It started doing it about a month after the tune. I took it back to the shop, but it would'nt mimic the problem again. A couple years ago had a trans shop check the accumalators (?) or shift solinoids (?) they were fine. Then it starts happening again?? When I had the tune done I had them zero out the Torque Mgt. They adjusted shift points and barely raised the the line pressure. It does not shift hard, but nice and firm. Acts like a basic shift kit. It does this about once a month, maybe twice a month?? Any weather conditions and any driving condictions, but its from stop to start. Anybody else had this problem? Any ideas on fixes?? Thanks!!!
  9. Thanks zippy. So do remember an estimated cost?? I thought that might be the answer cause i had the cruise control go out on an 1993 silverado and you had to replace the whole blinker arm for that. That was around $300. Thanks again.
  10. Hello people, went to press my tow/haul button today and nothing happened. The indicator light did not come on and I could tell that it was not working. Was working fine before. Anyone have this happen and is it expensive to fix?? Thanks
  11. A GTG would be cool next year. The Red SS, I think, ran close to his dialed in time on his last run. I wanted to see what he had done to his truck. I would love to get a time on my truck, but not until I get the shift kit, accum pistons, vette servo, and have marty re-tune for that. I dont want to blow anything up yet . GF will prolly wait until next year to run it, unless I can convince her to let me do it. Talk to ya later Jim
  12. Hey whats up! It was good to see Raceway park going strong again. You guys had some good lookin rides and representin' the SSS well. That was cool on your last run that you got to go against OUT2WIN, it was a sweet race. It was nice meeting you guys in person. I am gonna try and go next weekend too. A couple of friends are taking thier rides out to get some times. Maybe I'll see ya there. Later, Jim
  13. Just wondering how the transmission acts when the accum. pistons crack or wear out. I am trying to figure out if mine are bad as well. thanks
  14. Hey all!! I might be down with meeting on July 26th, Sat?? at Moses lake. If it is still in the works I will ask for the time off. Should be a good time. Let me know. Thanks!! Jim
  15. I'll bet that kid will think twice about disrespecting someones nice ride. The kid deserved everything that he got (should have been more). Glad you didnt get caught up in that BS. A few times I have seen idiots doing stupid crap to others vehicles...I always stop and ask WTF are they doing. We spend too much time, money, and effort to have some idiot try and ruin what we put our pride in.
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