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  1. One, I would like to say I appreciate the bashing. Two, Tyson, I have a job, Im sorry I dont answer calls or text while on the job. Get over it. Heres the story... I attempted once to ship the Radix to the buyer, the day after I shipped it I went to Indiana to finish out a house. I did not want to drag this job out so I stayed out there for three weeks straight. I have Iowa Wireless service so my cell didnt work.. Therefore I got none of Tysons calls or texts. Meanwhile while I was gone some gas must have leaked out and they deemed the package a "biohazard". Since I did not pay the extra money to ship a "biohazard" package it got returned to me. I didnt know this until I returned home in which I get in touch with Tyson right away. I then cleaned out the Supercharger which was still in GREAT condition, and re packaged. I packaged it the best I could. Stuffed with styrophome and shirts trying to protect it the best I could. The place that unistalled everything boxed it up the first time. I simply took the contents out and put them in a new box. So if everything is not there I'm sorry THEY forgot it. I can get it. I still have the truck, but it is parked an hour and a half from me. I will be more than happy to file the claim with UPS. Im sorry everything has not gone smooth but for christ sakes man... grow up. The threats make me really want to go the extra mile. I will now file the claim with UPS. I will keep YOU informed.... until then dont contact me. Chris, Thanks for speaking up for me. Youre a man among boys here. Great character wanting to learn the whole story before bashing anyone. Really appreciate it.
  2. anyone know if these would ever fit on an 03 monte carlo ss?
  3. id rather not split it up. have one of your buddies buy it then you guys can swap!!!!! but seriously talk to me in a week and if it doesnt sell we can talk...
  4. i need to sell the meth kit with the SC because the line from the kit is tapped into the intake piping..... please let me know if anyone is interested... thanks
  5. I bought mine directly from Magnacharger.... it was somewhere between 120 and 150
  6. Shoot my bad. Its the MP112 and the methanol injection is the Snow Performance Stage 2 kit
  7. Id like to get $3k for it with the methanol injection kit
  8. Hey guys and gals, I am selling the Radix off my truck. I bought it from Krambo a few months back with less that 10k on it I believe. I rarely drive the truck since I bought the Monte SS so I know I havent put another 5k on it. It is at the shop being uninstalled as we speak. Should be off by end of the week. It will include everything but the fuel pump. I will also throw in a methanol injection kit. It is the grey one. (Not polished) I am located in Eastern Iowa but I am willing to ship at buyers expense. Feel free to make an offer and we will go from there....
  9. BUMP!!! Really looking to buy a G8 GT.... show me some interest!
  10. dont be afraid to throw an offer out there....could possibly demodd a thing or two to get the price down...
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