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  1. Can anyone remind me of the name of (or provide an address for) that place we meet up at in town (just up the street from the track)? I'm assuming everyone will be there around 9am-9:30am or so, as well. See you all in the morning!
  2. Put me down as a tentative, for now... Still have some things to work out with my schedule, but with any luck I'll get out there for Saturday; if finances permit I may stay for the foliage cruise as well.
  3. Holy crap... I leave this place for a month or two and LOOK AT IT NOW...

  4. Hey there, Ladies! I leave for a few months and look what's happened... So much going on! I feel left out! Sorry I've been absent for so long, I've had a lot going on. Moved into a new rental house, dealing with various room-mates and their problems (which, of course, became my problems with a quickness), getting ready to head off to school at the end of summer, selling all my worldly belongings, and work! So much work... I figured I'd stick my head in the door here and let you all know that I'm still alive, well, and loving my SS. Although I haven't put any new power-adders in qui
  5. It's a little tricky since you need to get on top of the gas tank. I chose to drop the tank, but it might just be easier to grab a couple buddies and lift the bed off the truck. Other than it's pretty simple and self explanatory. I don't think a gas cap can trigger P0446... Any advice you could give me would be great, TIA.
  6. I located the vent up above the gas tank... it's actually wire-tied to my fuel fill tube way up in the bedside. I did the vent solenoid valve as well... That's why I had to use this kit, on my '03 the vent was originally attached to the solenoid, now with this kit it's seperate. And the light is still on after the operation, that's why I'm bugged. I've been driving around on this for a few weeks now and just really want to see it shut off, I know it's not a serious issue but I feel like I'm neglecting the truck when I let things like this slide for so long...
  7. Alright guys... Go figure I'd return once I needed some advice, right? But that's what this forum is for so I hope you all can help me out some... A few weeks ago my CEL popped on... Aeroforce gauges say it's P0446 (Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit)... Alldata told me that there was a TSB out for 2500HDs for this code related to the Vent Solenoid, and that there was an updated part released to replace the stock hardware. I went out and bought the updated kit, which basically just makes the actual vent remote (as in, not directly attached to the solenoid, you use 5/8
  8. Alright ladies... Keep your pants on. I'm back. I'm know it's been a while since any of you have heard from me, that's absolutely my fault. I've been pulling 50-70 hour weeks since June and I'm totally trained all the time... All the money from those hours has been pouring into my Third Gen Camaro, which is getting an LQ9 transplant . I haven't been out to any of the meets because I haven't modified the truck in any way since the last time I dragged, so I'm still thinking that I'm sitting around 14.4... But I messed with my 3-4 shift pressures, so I'm a little curious. I'm putti
  9. That's great news Kim! I hope things work out favorably! Make sure to post up pics when it's all done!
  10. Great deal!! That house would go for $700k or more where I'm at!
  11. Hey Everyone, My friend went off and built himself a 350 for his 1983 Caprice, and now he's having some trouble tuning it (go figure). I'm looking for any kind of referral to a decent speed shop in Massachusetts (the closer to Cape Cod the better). I'm specifically looking for a good over-all dyno tune, but really anything works. If anyone knows what's out there, PM me. Motor Specs available upon request. Thanks Guys!
  12. I sent you an e-mail to your yahoo address, don't know if that's the right one or not. Let me know if you didn't get it!
  13. Just fired off an e-mail to the guy. Since my SSS is sittin pretty in storage my now, it would be the perfect time to gut it for a project like this. I'll let you know what I hear from him, Keith.
  14. Welcome to the club! We'll be ordering jackets at some point...
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