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  1. The SS has been acting up lately - throwing weird codes left and right. The problem seems to be intermitten and would be a lot easier to diagnose and fix if it were consistent.
  2. Thanks everyone! Alan and Melissa!!! What's new with you two? Hi, Steve! How are things with you and the car business? And yes, I am very excited for my new job - it can't start quick enough! Steve, I sold the Ford and got this - try not to laugh too hard guys lol 2009 VW eos hard top convertible with a full sun/moon roof 6 speed manual 2.0T - it gets about 30 to 35 MPG
  3. Thanks guys! I missed yas! Yes, as of right now I am pretty sure I am going to LVD and staying the night.
  4. Hey guys and gals. It's been a while since I've last seen/spoken to some of you. I just wanted to say hi and see how you all were doing. For those of you that know me, I finally got a job in the field I graduated in - it's with the Federal Reserve but that doesn't start until March, so in the mean time I dispatch for a local police department. Oh, and I got a new DD - no more Ford!!! So what's new with you guys?! - Ashley
  5. West Paterson isn't as bad as you portray it to be. And why would you have killed yourself, Niko?
  6. lol Why not? The show isn't in Paterson, it's in WEST Paterson - there's a difference. You came late, Niko.
  7. Damnit - April 25 in West Paterson, NJ at the West Side Bar and Grille on McBride Ave., there's a TBSS G2G...70 TBSSs are on the list - along with some vettes. I wanna try to do both. You guys should join the stampede!
  8. I have a Bullmastiff as well, and they are just an all around AWESOME breed!
  9. Thanks everybody! I've been around - been keepin' busy with the family and new job. And yes, I do have a TBSS.
  10. Good kill! Show them ricers who's boss! lol haha
  11. Wow man I am so sorry to hear about this! The site of those pics make me want to cry What a bunch of fricken douche bags. I hope everything works out well for you in the end. Good luck!
  12. The two of you can come see it in person - no pics for you! Haha I think most of us pretty much know what they look like! I know, Dan, the thought of that seriously made me cry. I'm very lucky and happy that it didn't happen - now I just need to fix the problem; the right way. I had asked a few questions over on the corvette forum and received this one response: "The C6 fan is operated through a module which reduces the voltage and subsequently the current. The PCM controls the fan speed through the module. If you are running a C6 fan without a module or a ballast resistor, you would have to run at least 8 gauge wire and a 40 amp fuse min. I would not recommend using this fan without a module or an appropriate ballast resistor." Any thoughts/comments about what this individual said?
  13. Thanks Either the relay broke or the wiring to the relay was faulty. Checked all the wiring melted from the relay to the battery. I need to checkout what amp fuse was used since the fuse should have tripped prior to melting the wiring. They are Corvette fans. Haven't tested the fans yet but I believe they work. Dan, the truck was running about 20 minutes when this happened. I last drove the truck about a month ago. I purchased the fans from Danny, but somebody else wired the fans which was the part that failed. Kevin, the relay or relay wiring failed. The wiring from the relay to the battery were all melted and also the wire at the relay fell right off as I disconnected the relay from the radiator. The T-stat seem to be fine.
  14. I went outside today since the weather was tolerable to finish detailing my TBSS and store it for the winter. Well at first the battery wouldn't start, so I had to jump it. When it finally started I let the vehicle run for a bit since I had put Stabil in the gas tank. All of a sudden I heard a gurgling and crackling nose come from inside the engine bay so I quickly shut the car off. I had smelled a faint burning smell coming from the area of the fans and realized that the fans had not turned on at all. The dash hawk told me that my engine threw a code - P1258 "Engine overtemperature protection, or low coolant fuel disable." I know this dilemma has something to do with the fans not turning on, but my question is could the fans have drained the power from the battery or maybe have blown a fuse? Everything was fine a month ago - I don't understand why my fans don't want to work now. Just so you guys know I do have electric fans and 160T. Could the 160T be shot? Any help and ideas on what the problem is, is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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