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  1. danny....it always something with you, isnt it? lol Im the same way. Money talks so I say youll do alright with a 5.3 just dont forget the forged internals if your spraying....
  2. As far as plans for the k20...Im not sure yet. Im still thinkin....
  3. oh ill still be around. Yea it was tough to watch the guy leave with it but everything is cool. Dont have a truck payment anymore and the truck the really deserved a roof over its head finally got it.
  4. Sold my SSS this morning. Guy showed up from Lubbock, Texas with cash in hand and drove away with it. Man, it was beautiful after the detailing that it got last night. Anyway, It didnt take long to find another garage ornament. I went to my parent house and picked up the truck I got when I was 16. It never EVER gets driven and needs a little work. Anyway here are some pics. It needs a cleaning. 1985 Silverado K20. 350 cid, 4 speed trans.
  5. na that should be fine. I was meaning like everytime you drive it lol
  6. All you have to do is buy the wiondow switch(Mine was $60-$70) and wire it in. Its really simple. Theres a how to on here somewhere.You could just use the button its just less hassle if you have a switch that does it automatically. If you use a window switch then you dont have to have the button. The switch acts like your button. You jus set it to start at a certain rpm and stop at a certain rpm. As long as the rpms are in that range it will spray.
  7. Well thats what im running as well as alot of people on here. I really like them and have had NO problems out of them. JUST BE SURE WHEN YOU PUT ANY HEADER ON TO GET THE OEM GASKETS FROM A DEALER.
  8. You can do it. As long as your not spraying 24/7 and abusing the crap out of it you will be fine with proper measuring instruments(gauges) and tuning.
  9. Some spray through shifts, some dont. I wouldnt reccomend it. That is the wonderful thing about a window switch. You can set it to start spraying at one rpm and stop spraying at another. (shift point) Then once the rpms fall back within range it will start spraying again. No need for a manual press button. A bottle heater is a MUST HAVE item. It is what keeps the bottle pressure up. You want your bottle pressure to be high (900-1000 psi) before you spray. The lower the pressure the less horsepower you will gain. Example: If you spray at 600 psi then you wont get the same boost as you do when s
  10. Here is your excuse for pillar gauges. N20 gauge, Fuel pressure gauge, and a AFR Wideband (not just a regular afr) Basically it gives you a VERY accurate reading of your Air/fuel Ratio. Instead of just a little light flickering on a regular (non wideband) gauge you will actually get a numerical reading. It will actually come with a sensor (Identical to an o2 sensor) that goes into your exhaust. A local muffler shop can put the 02 bung in for you. I just used the o2 bung from where my rear o2 sensors USED to be before I deleted them. This will tell you if you are to lean or to rich while sprayi
  11. Volat makes a CAI with an optional attachment like your talking about that runs down into the brake ducts on the bumper. Few have seen much gain from this product though. As far as a tune, depending on your location you can have a mail order tune like mentioned above or find a tuner local that can dyno tune your truck. And MANY people have had the gauge cluster problem. Like also stated above if Your truck has under 70,000 miles then the dealer will fix it for free.
  12. Did you purge everything correctly when you installed it? theres a how to around here Ill see if I can dig it up. Edit: I found it http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.ph...60&hl=Tstat
  13. Yea chris has helped me several times as well.
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