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  1. solanistec

    vortec max suspension setup?

    Mine is a 06 V-Max has torsin bar front supension (like 4x4 would have) 2 wheel drive, 3:73 with 20' rims. It has a 14 bolt style rear end with factory posi and drum rear brakes.It does have a trac off button, don't know if it's a sport suspension or not.I would like to know how many were made with a sun roof?
  2. solanistec

    1/4 mile vho

    My 06 ran a 15.5 @88 bone stock with factory 20's.
  3. solanistec

    Dual climate control issue

    If the driver's side doesn't change when told to it is the lower actuator. Pass side is the top one.
  4. solanistec

    Dual climate control issue

    I always got one from the dealer.
  5. solanistec

    Dual climate control issue

    A bad mix door actuaror for drivers side. It is on bottom of case near center/pass side. I have changed a few for that problem. Dual climate uses two actuators,one on top(controls pass side) and other on bottom(for drivers side).Just make sure to get the correct one by matching the numbers.Don't plug it in until you install it.
  6. solanistec

    Exhaust question

    Actualy it is two 2 3/4 pipes to the muffler. I want to run a true dual setup from the cats to tail pipes in 3 in. How bad is it going to hurt performance? Right now there is a hacked up system with two blown out magnaflows and 2 1/2? pipe that seen better days. I'm thinking true 3 in system with good mufflers. I know I will lose some torque but I don't want to hurt anything.
  7. solanistec

    Exhaust question

    I have a 06 v-max with headers and a cold air kit on it. Is a dual 3in set up too much for a basicly stock 6.0? I tryed looking at older post but couldn't find the answer i was looking for.
  8. solanistec

    Lq9 Heads

    If the motor is out it will have liter size cast into the block. On the drivers front i think.
  9. solanistec

    Another Ss Is Dead...

  10. solanistec

    Is My Truck A Ss Or Not

    If white is a rare color, how about a white v max with a factory sun roof?
  11. solanistec

    Raced A Titan!

    Nissan never made a reg cab Titan.
  12. solanistec

    Sad Saturday

    They didn't wholesale it. I saw it on the lot yesterday. I inquired about it. I didn't know it was yours.
  13. solanistec

    Poor 350z

    ( i could hear a blowoff coming from under his hood and try as he might he coould not get past me, it cracks me up that his turbo'd "sports car" couldnt get around a truck weighing in at more than 6k lbs.) 350z is not turboed. But a gtr is.
  14. solanistec

    Onebluess From Baton Rouge

    Welcome to the site onebluess. I have a white v-max and from houma. I do go to npr quite often, with a few buddys,with a black srt-10 ,a yellow cobra convertable, and few lightnings,and soon with a 90 300zx turbo.
  15. solanistec

    So You Think You Know Your Engines.

    17-17 old motors can be tricky to identify