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  1. Sounds good to me, if you still have some I'll take 2. How do I pay?
  2. Don't our transfer cases take Dexron-III (or superceeded ATF) spec in owners manual? I don't rememebr seeing AT2 superceding this in spec anywhere?
  3. I grabbed a set of stainless lines from Rock Auto, they did work for me but I'm not sure they were the correct PSI limits (these lines were good for 4000 psi). I don't know what PSI these trucks require. Got some ACDelco flex hoses to top it off. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,2006,silverado+1500,6.0l+v8,1432402
  4. Just for future reference should someone search and find this thread... The thinner of the 2 snap ring (.092)(larger inner diameter) goes to the low reverse retainer. The larger of the 2 (.103)(smaller inner diameter) is for the reverse input spring retainer.
  5. It has been awhile since I've been around. The SS went from my baby to a daily and other things took my attention sadly. I still lurked a bit to see what people have been up to I've stalked some youtube vids and images and I think I got a good eyeball on which ring goes where. Not sure enough to finish, but sure enough to keep going with it until I find otherwise. Hope all is well !
  6. I decided to rebuild my own 4l65e. I was pretty meticulous with my organizing; I did however mix up 2 snap rings while shuffling parts around. I now have 2 snap rings with the same OD but different (slightly) ID. One is for the low-reverse spring retainer (step 2 of the re-assembly after the piston), the other is for the reverse input spring retainer. I'm not sure which one is which and I'm having a small melt down (time crunch + OCD = panic). One spring is .092 "thick", the other is .103 "thick". I'm saying thick but that may be the wrong wording. Laying the ring flat on a table and stand
  7. I decided to take a risk and rebuild my own as it's a DD with 226k on it (yeah, made it to 226k!!!). I don't want/need the HD stuff anymore and have no plans to increase any power. I appreciate the input.. thanks guys.
  8. I'm looking to purchase a new transmission, but do not want to go to a different trans that requires more modifications/changes. I'm considering the level 4 street/strip from Front Line Trans. http://www.finishlinetrans.com/transmissions/streetStripe4L60.htm Has anyone tried this model in their SS (04 AWD)? I plan to attempt a rebuild of my smoked tranny (as backup) myself using this video as a guide. Is it really this easy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuE6zwYHj4Q I did rebuild using this video. I recommend this guy to anyone attempting a self-rebuild. His store has a grea
  9. Thanks so much. I was pretty stressed when this issue came up for me, this helped alot. (Sorry for the necro-bump, but thanks was due)
  10. Looking to buy one or get the correct parts to rebuild one. I've looked for hours online and every piece of information that I gather conflicts the other bits of info. I'm not even sure what rebuild kit is the right one. My transfer case totally grenaded on me (no casing damage though), so I'd need a "gut out" rebuild. Live in the NE. Delaware, Southern NJ area. Will be willing to pay to ship or drive a distance if the price is right though. Prefer a unit with less than 80k miles, but will consider all. Thanks for looking, Jim.
  11. I'm not sure if it was me or the software, but I couldn't find the simple details and how-to's in mine... bought about 1.5 to 2 years ago. Not even sure if I kept it.
  12. Ugh. I was hoping not to hear tranny. There's no movement on front or rear drive lines, Matt... I would pray for a diff right about now :0) Thanks for the info guys. I did find an '00 Denali Trans and Transfer for $400 (I think it's a direct fit)... I have a call in to them now. Hopefully they still have it. Is there any way to test a trans or Tcase before it's in a vehicle?
  13. That was good. I can hear it in Sean Connery's voice... Cause she's a "Schluuut".
  14. Here's what happened and what I know... I was leaving my driveway from a stop and under normal throttle I heard and felt a large slam followed by a hellacious noise. I have no reverse (at least not enough to backup slightly uphill) and have not tried drive (but I'm guessing that's gone also). The video shows what gear I'm in and you can hear the audio in real time if that helps. - Trans fluid is an okay level and slightly dark... not very dark, but slight. Doesn't smell new, but doesn't smell "rancid" as I've heard it called when bad. - I have 1/8" play in the rear of my front drive
  15. "Women are like monkeys; they don't let go of one branch until they have a firm grasp on the next." A friend told me that and I laughed, but it rings true when it comes to cheats.
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