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  1. I do but I’m out of town right now. I don’t know at this point when I will be back home. If you would like, message me your number and I will text ya when I I get back home.
  2. Damn. That pretty cool. How's your set up holding out for going round after round?
  3. Didn't t see that u have an 06. U need the honeycomb grille. Those are easier to find then the diamond grille new. Here ya go then... https://m.ebay.com/itm/Factory-OEM-Grille-Front-Lower-Chevrolet-Silverado-SS-2006-2007-Silver-NEW/131343428594?hash=item1e94adabf2:g:kigAAOSw54xUXMVW
  4. Still have a few left. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/89856-03-05-brand-new-diamond-shape-front-lower-grilles/
  5. Dark pewter. Paint code is 69L.
  6. I wonder if the vent tube on top of the 80e case could be blocked and cause this?
  7. I would go new but would have to replace all the fronts to color match. Just trying to see if someone has a drivers bottom cover in good condition to try to replace mine that is torn.
  8. Looking to see if anybody has a used driver seat bottom. Just the cover. Factory OEM and not after market. No tears or rips. Dark pewter. PM me please.
  9. It's in his gallery profile. Does it really stiffen up the front. Also headers fitment?
  10. Sane here^. People think I'm crazy not to use a truck like a truck.... But I'm not the typical truck owner
  11. Could possibly be the pump. No line pressure could cause it not to engage.
  12. Thanks Alex. I still have some left. If Anybody needs one.
  13. So is that $895 a pair for everything. Including bolts and lock nuts? Also are these 14" or 15" rotors?
  14. More made for mid to top end then down low. May need a stall and gears.
  15. I have never seen black or heard of any other gm vehicle with the same overhead console in black. The only 2 colors I seen is light grey (pewter) and shale.
  16. chevybowtie72


    I take a look this weekend for ya. I post a pic of it too.
  17. chevybowtie72


    This happen to me when I was changing out my flasher relay under the dash. I unplugged something beside it to get that relay out and forgot to plug it back in. I believe it might have been the bcm. Those exact same symptoms occurred. Only third and same codes came up and also the abs light. After I remembered and plug what ever it was back in. Everything went away. I just can't remember what I unplugged though. I know it was right next to the flasher relay which the bcm is right next store to.
  18. I looked in the store for just the uppers. I could not find them in the truck section. I did find them in the SUV though. Also are u giving out the pricing yet for tomorrow.
  19. I have your custom lower kit for SSS. Does the upper djm arms fit the awd SSS or are the just for 2wd?
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