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  1. Been considering trading in the SS for something that is basically the exact opposite (but still a truck)... weird I know, but considering on trading my 2004 SSS in for an 2011 2500HD WT... yes, a work truck, lol. Duramax of course, extended cab, long bed, 4wd, and red. Life is changing, been doing more and more hauling and towing, always getting heavier, leaving paved surfaces more often, and starting to abuse the truck more often, and traveling longer distances for pleasure. Stopped using all the creature comforts, though some of them is starting to act up, transmisson has 'acted' up a few times, and a lot of front end noise after 15 - 20 miles of driving. which drowns out the radio and heater.... I love the SS, and I may or may not even trade it in and move on, just been doing some thinking... and have been for about 6 months. But, my question to the forum, is what are the quirks of the new trucks? Like ours would be the steering shafts, brake wear, ect. Though, I won't be looking forward to removing all my emergency lighting... in the winter no less, lol.
  2. Well, I'm considering trading in the SSS and moving onto a Dmax, but the SS is being forced into heavier type of truck work....
  3. I wish the best for you. Try to find something constructive for you to do while you are recovering. On a side note, that must have been one hell of a ride.
  4. I believe that is a chin spoiler from a Tahoe,
  5. I believe they also come in RWD or AWD, like the 2005 SSS did.
  6. Stylintrucks.com also has a kit that basically does the same thing, but it doesn't get into the relay box, if you're uncomfortable doing that.
  7. FYI, I used an overhead console out of another silverado, the body style before the '03 - '07 classic style, to mount my switch panel to. The console appeared to be the exact same, and pretty much was, except the connectors for the lights in the console. Just had to swap out the connectors from the factory one to the custom one.
  8. The 5.3 only comes in as an option on a crew cab 4x4 Colorado. Cause they wanted the 5.3 in the H3, so it just carried over, but like I said, it is for 4x4 crew cabs only.
  9. Always nice to see an SSS working, lol.
  10. Welcome! Also from Ohio! Glad to see someone else putting an SS to work!
  11. Welcome! Also from Ohio! We tend to be gaining numbers around here.
  12. 62,xxx here. Shows a little age up close, and she seems old when she's hauling/pulling, but she's still good. Have considered trading her in though.
  13. Different, can't wait to see how it looks with all 4.
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