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  1. I need the lower insert for 06 SS Intimidator. You have that?
  2. Hey fellas, I'm having a problem with my sideview mirrors. I'm taking my SSS to the dealer soon but was wondering if maybe someone here may have experienced the same thing. With curbside viewing as you know when the truck is in REVERSE the mirrors readjust down to give you a view of the curb. When put back in DRIVE the mirrors readjust to the correct view setting. My mirrors have stopped doing this. I checked the settings on the "i" button on the steering wheel but "curbside view settings" doesn't come up. Any tips on this? Thanks ReyRock
  3. Question - does anyone know what the standard bedsize of the 06 SS Intimidator is? 6.5 or 8ft? thanx
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking to get a tonneau hard cover for my 06 Initimidator SS but have a slight problem. My truck comes with a stock wing (which I want to keep) so any hard cover that goes over the rail will cause me to eliminate my wing which I don't want to do. So my question is, does anyone know of any HARD cover that sits low profile with the bedrail that I can get and keep the wing? Any help would be great. Thanx guys. Rey
  5. Whats up fellas, newb here with some probably dumb questions but here goes. I want to get a Gaylord lid, a roll pan with the cutouts like the front bumper has, and a "Big Mouth" grille. Is there any one place where I can get these at a reasonable price? If not, and I have to order them from 3 different locations that would be ok too. Thanks for the help guys. Rey
  6. WOW that's a great idea! I'm going to look into this. Are they after market? If you can find him pls let me know I'd appreciate that greatly thanx Yes are you? I'm in Valley Stream. where are you? I would love to put her in the garage but I have a 68 Camaro I'm working on and a 69 camaro in there - no room but I'm going to get a cover for her. Thanx guys.
  7. Hi all, I'm new here and have a beauitful 06 Intimidator SS. I've had it for several months now (since August 06) and always anxious to jump in and take a spin every time. Here's a question: I became the unfortunate victim of theft where they made off with the glass portion of my power mirrors . I don't know if all SS's have the same power mirrors with the signal light on the glass - like the Cadillac Escalades - but mine did and some SOB swiped them. They're 300 **@ dollars each at the dealer (JUST THE GLASS). Before I replace them I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any anti-theft guard thats available since these things are obviously so easy to take. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to being here often. Love the site guys! Thanx ReyRock
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