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  1. Duct sold but the rear cadding peice still available.
  2. I have the carpet bed rug out of my SS for sale. It is in great shape and at most just needs a shampoo job and the velcro peices that stick to your truck box. Send me an offer and I can zip the peices apart and ship it as well.
  3. I have a red tonnau cover off of my SS for sale. Its in pretty good shape and need to get rid of it. Send me an offer. Im in MN.
  4. I have the driver side rear cab corner cadding peice in perfect shape and is red. I also have the driver side fog light/brake cooler bezel part with screen and is factory grey. Send me a message and offer if interested.
  5. Still for sale. These head rests are in perfect brand new shape.
  6. Sold for $2800 cash locally. Sorry JaymzSS I had cash in my hand with in a few hours of the guy calling me.
  7. Still for sale. $140 shipped for the 2 and they are in perfect brand new condition with around 30k miles on them.
  8. Still for sale. Come on people you know you want to spend your tax money on this. Ill sell for $3,100 plus actual shipping and paypal fees or if you want to do a money order it will have to clear first.
  9. Is this priced too high or something, I didnt think it was and am suprized that there were so many people to ask about it and offer me $2k or something stupid and thats it.
  10. I dont need stock parts anymore as the truck is a gonner at some auction lot somewhere. I still have the entire kit for sale minus the fuel pump. Send me offers people that are interested. I need the cash to pay bills and debt from the [email protected] SSS.
  11. I have all of the OEM body emblems off of my silverado SS for sale. That includes both door ones and the one off of the tailgate. PM me an offer. Pictures up soon.
  12. I have the original SS emblem off of my SS that is right above the air bag switch. PM me with an offer. Ill get photos up soon.
  13. I have the original head rests out of my SS that are in 100% brand new perfect shape. I can get pgotos up but they are the exact same as any other head rest out of an SS. PM me with an offer.
  14. Sorry about the title it has been a bad long week with the accident of my truck that was a total loss. I am just trying to get some money back out of the ss.
  15. These are the parts I need and I would need since my truck was totaled and the insurance company wants to take it asap. So let me know if you have all of these parts and what your offer is for them. I need to do this ASAP. pm me with what you hae and an offer. Intake manifold Air box Air filter Air box tube injectors with fuel rail front coolant vent pipe stock belt tensioner bracket and tensioner if possible Anything else from the following link that would be removed from stock as well. I need everything from the link to put it back to stock. Let me know what you have and a price via PM. http://www.magnacharger.com/pdf/manual-GMT...500-2003-06.pdf
  16. I have a complete setup that is stock pulley boost 5-6 for sale off of my truck. It includes the following. -Magnus Supercharger Grey -Intercooler with all intercooler hoses, Reservoir, pump, wiring, ect -Volant Cold Air Intake with enclosure filter and piping -Superchips with safe plug and play tune for the 6.0 -Injectors Comes with everything needed except the fuel pump which I refuse to remove just because it is too much work unless someone really wants and pays extra for it. Send me an offer on the unit.
  17. Well sad to say but the truck is no longer for sale due to it being totaled out. :^(
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