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  1. They need new plugs
  2. BRAND NEW Diablo Sport Programer for 2004-2005 GM Vehicles $225 shipped Accel 44 lb Injectors (5000 miles) $175 shipped
  3. Glad to see he is alright, that is a blessing that it didnt hit any vital parts
  4. Still for sale, but i got some more pics in my gallery of the interior and tail lights
  5. Hate to do it but i have too due to finacial reasons. Truck has 44300 miles on the motor and about a 1000 on the procharger. Truck comes with all mods and all the stock peices as well. willing to deliver or drive to, so you can see and drive because i must sell as soon as possible. If you have any questions please call 254-535-5123
  6. that was the link i was trying to find but couldnt get it to work
  7. But you all are right about the turning heads part because you dont see very many of them especially where i am from
  8. ya but you gotta think you get all that out of a vette for 75000 and you have to pay almost a 100,000 for only a few more tenths of a second
  9. When ever you get here and want to have a get together let me know i live on the out skirts copperas cove, i know a few guys that wouldnt mind getting together to do something
  10. Thanks to all who have served to Keep this country independent. We wouldnt be where we are without Yall. Happy 4th of July Everyone
  11. The best solution that i have come across is upgrading the battery and adding an extra ground. This helps alot with lights dimming
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