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  1. WOW ? this is really the first time i heard about american racing headers. May have heard about stainless works. but I thought most guys on here use Dynatech. Who can i call for a price on those headers or a website. I dont think Stylin Trucks carries that brand there the ones who gave me that price.
  2. Trying to stay working , put the SS away for the winter and been messing around with some other projects. im sure you remember the 06 mustang gt i picked up well thats finished. Also picked up a 81 trans am and a 88 pickup i am customizing. Cant wait till the next get together.
  3. Just got a price on some headers and intermediate pipe and cats for my 06 SS. Is 1300.00 shipped a good price. Also do i have the right part # 115-141300A and 115-841350B
  4. Just picked up a 2006 Hate to say it Mustang GT Convertible with 10,000 Miles with a clean title for 2,700. for that price I had to do it. I plan on trying to get it fixed for around 7,000. and flip it. Can you say New Camaro
  5. I got it at a junk yard that my friend deals with. He finds alot of cars the way. He had to many projects of his own going on and turned me onto the car. The girl only had the car for 4 months according to the title. First thing I did was flip the title to make sure it came back clean As far a skill goes will just have to wait and see? Maybe one day I will post pictures of my 68 cuda convertible PROJECT.
  6. Ya i know fords are slow. 4 LIFE But I plan on getting it all done for around $10,000 including the price of the car and so far it's looking good. I am just looking to us it as a trade in.
  7. Not a chevy but for the price Icould not pass it up. May make it my trade in for the new camaro. 2006 Gt Convertible 10,000 miles clean title runs great. now for the price $2,700 [What would you have done] http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t91/Int...nycamera067.jpg http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t91/Int...nycamera066.jpg http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t91/IntimidatorSS/sonycamera064.jpg http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t91/Int...nycamera062.jpg://http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/...mera062.jpg http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t91/Int...nycamera062.jpg http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t91/Int...nycamera064.jpg ://http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/...ra064.jpg
  8. Just Registered Online. So add me to the FUN list.
  9. I would be interested if I could find a spare computer in time. I live about 10 min away.
  10. 933----2006 Intimidator SS --All came in BLACK
  11. 933----2006 Intimidator SS
  12. 2006 1,790 YA IT JUST SITS IN THE GARAGE
  13. Pace Edwards. I,m not sure what I payed. Also never have a problem with it getting stuck in the cold weather
  14. Go electric. safe and secure just push a button
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