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  1. WOW ? this is really the first time i heard about american racing headers. May have heard about stainless works. but I thought most guys on here use Dynatech. Who can i call for a price on those headers or a website. I dont think Stylin Trucks carries that brand there the ones who gave me that price.
  2. Trying to stay working , put the SS away for the winter and been messing around with some other projects. im sure you remember the 06 mustang gt i picked up well thats finished. Also picked up a 81 trans am and a 88 pickup i am customizing. Cant wait till the next get together.
  3. Just got a price on some headers and intermediate pipe and cats for my 06 SS. Is 1300.00 shipped a good price. Also do i have the right part # 115-141300A and 115-841350B
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    06 Intimidator SS 57 of 933
  5. hi I;m new aslo you can check out ebay.I seen them in 20inch and 22inch.
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