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  1. Where did you get all that for $279 shipped?
  2. Solved the remote start issue by running down a line off my remote start unit that acted the way I want it to. Having the radio on when I shut the truck off is not as important, so I'm happy with it now. If anyone has an Astrostart Remote Start system and needs help let me know.
  3. I mounted everything to a piece of 1/2" MDF that fit in the "middle" of that area. To keep the MDF from moving, was simple: I let the bottom rest on the floor and braced the top by flipping that child restraint upside down (had to bend it around a bit). Think of a bracket that is used to hold down those old "waffle style" speaker grills from radio shack. I did this about 4 yrs ago and it hasn't moved one bit and the main thing is that it's EASILY removable since it's just one bolt...which is also where I mounted my GND.
  4. Hard to tell from the video, but I've heard a similar noise coming from the little speaker directly above your head to the left. I don't even know what that speaker does...I've always assumed it had to do with OnStar or Phone intregration.
  5. Does the Bose system have one main 12V line that I could tap off of for ACC power to aftermarket deck? For the years I have been running the factory HU with the PAC OEM-1 harness to integrate aftermarket amps, but I've grown tired of the crappy factory HU and swapped it out. I didn't use a wire adapter kit, because I don't car about OnStar (2003, doesn't work anyway), door chimes, steering controls or anything else integrated and couldn't justify spending the cash on the kit when all I needed was Constant 12V, ACC 12V, and GND. Now, the system is on and works great when key is on ACC and ON, but two things I've found myself missing: 1) Radio staying on when I turn the truck off and 2) Radio coming on when I remote start. I'd like to just use the line that turns on the Bose system for my ACC wire, but didn't know if the Bose system even turns on without the factory HU installed. Everything stock is still installed except the HU. Short version: I've completely bypassed everything stock. Aftermarket HU to aftermarket amps, ran all new speaker wire to each speaker, I just want the thing to stay on when I kill the truck (like stock) and come on when I remote start. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Part # listed on my (broken) one is GM 15703701 (LH) BDT 6500 I.C. #45979 (LH) Thanks
  7. I'll buy it. PM me info on how to pay for it. Shipping is to 57703
  8. Is this an auto-dimming mirror? Mine got a crack in it and half the fluid leaked out. I am interested.
  9. I guess a rock hit it and the oil leaked out of it...well, it looks like oil to me. I guess it's the electrochromatic "stuff" that makes it auto-dimming.
  10. I'm in Rapid, what's up! Have a buddy with a Red '04 SSS and another buddy with an Black '07 TBSS.
  11. Someone was talking about the fuel delivery differences in the '03 (return vs returnless) being the main difference and I read another post about an '04 using an '03 and the fuel gauge reading backwards (as in full to empty). I don't know first hand, but I do remember reading these posts on here.
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