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  1. It's a Grant wheel, and it's around $250? I did an installation article for Truckin on it a few years ago, I like the way it feels when driving, plus all of your factory controls are re-used.
  2. Hahaha... It's been a long time! Since my last visit here I've done a shit load of upgrades and engine color changes and more... The truck is in pristine condition with less than 1200 miles on the new drive train... It's pushing close to 1000 hp now, and has the potential in the LSX block (427) for much more. I appreciate all of the kind words... While I love the truck, it's paid off, and literally just sits in my garage. I would like to start a new project, something old school. Ok, the ebay reserve was $48.5k... However I am lowering it to $45k but willing to listen to offers, and I might be open to cash and trade, but not just trade, it's embarrassing to state the real number I have put into this truck, not including time, but without man hours I have over 100k, hell the drive train alone has more than 60k!? If anyone is interested, hit me up!
  3. I'm gonna jack your billet dipstick!!! Looks good man... like the notch too - i gotta get around to doing that~!
  4. Thanks! I posted it there first and he did buy it... Sale pending payment.
  5. This came off my truck, works perfectly, minor sanding on the lower section of heat sink fins to accomodate the belltech swaybar. Comes with bolts - no gasket. $125 shipped conus. Paypal preferred.
  6. No, but that's not the point lol!!! Actually I want to, but still dealing with truck tune issues (Many have tried, but the beast is untunable), and I am teaching class that weekend
  7. Hey chase, thanks for telling me about this... or anyone else for that matter... bastards, everyone of you hahahaha...
  8. YES - I have most of my transmission stuff done over at CRC transmission, and they are doing a complete axle rebuild next week too on my truck. Talk to Craig the owner, cool guy - tell him BIG DAVE sent you, he will cut you a price break. They did my 4l80 swap... they are located in Thousand Oaks, right off of T.O. blvd. Here is there phone number - 805-497-0399 ask for craig.
  9. As the title states - im working until 9pm tonight and want to watch the NFL championship games online, but do not know where to do this. Ive done searches, but other than PAYING for a live feed I cant find any free ones... Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thats awesome! And whatchoo talkin' bout fool.... I would love to see a helluva lot more trucks featured in magazines. Ive personally have helped guys get featured in magazines, more attention to what we love is a good thing! I think they could have chopped it better tho, that sucks. Congrats sucka!!
  11. performance NO NO'S ... 1.THROTTLE BODY SPACERS 2.Performance MAF's sensors (on stock trucks) 3.SHORTY HEADERS 4. MSD coils 5. tornado 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. appearance NO NO'S... 1.WIND SHIELD VISORS 2.Racer Backs 3.FAKE VENT STICKERS 4. Bull nutsack lol 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. Thanks... I dont have a master cylinder cover - its just the stock white ugly ass resv. My radiator overflow tank was replaced with a custom aluminum tank made by a Trick Performance out of texas, along with my heat exchanger tank for my SC. Stylin' trucks does have a master cylinder cover that fits over the top, but does not cover the entire unit, I ordered one of those, but my MC res was too large and it didnt fit. I guess the cover fits 2005 and up trucks?
  13. They are prowheels, polished billet wheels 22x10's about 29lbs each. At the time they were the first set made for me, since they've made a few more sets... but each wheel, like any custom order billet is made with your specific offset, and dont know what my offset or backspacing is, sorry. They are around 1k per wheel last time i checked, plus rubber.
  14. Thanks for the props guys... a lot of sweat, blood, and money went into this truck... and im STILL not done... i have 4 more tech articles we will be shooting in the next few weeks - new rear sway bar, TA girdle, an accusump pre-oiling system (good since i dont start my truck very often), and a few other upgrades - and the system is next.
  15. Pics of said truck and wife!!! ROFL @kevin - yes I do down play my truck a lot, thanks for the kind words man! Im actually doing a few more tech articles with the magazine, as im still adding more stuff (you can never stop damnit) - rear end stuff, suspension, engine stuff, etc.
  16. Not having the chance to drive my truck for about 6 weeks, I decided to take it down to a local show - FallFest - "Falling for the Classics" the name should give it away - classic and muscle cars, what the hell I went anyways. It was a pay to show event, and they had tropheys not based so much on car specifics like best mustang it was more general... Classes were - best rat rod, best 50's car, 60's car, best paint, best engine, best import, best convertible and a few more... there were probably 160 cars entered, it was a cool show, especially last minute. The judging was done by a bunch of old classic car guys, I knew i had no chance in hell.... at the end when they were calling out awards, I listened to a few then went to pack my truck and leave... I was called out the winner for best over all paint?! WTF? I was shocked really, there were a lot of really nice classic cars and muscle cars in attendance, i knew i didnt have it for best engine - a guy had a 6xx cid with an 871 blower on it, the entire thing was polished - pure sickness. Here are a couple pics... There was a guy there who specializes in overhead shots, he took a few of my truck, I will post them once he sends them.
  17. Sick wheels... Add the red line you wanted to do... and hey, while youre at it, dont be afraid to put some dressing on those tires sheesh... Adams VRT would look stunning...
  18. congrats KRAMBO!! You deserve it brother...

  19. He was probably going to the drags somewhere, and wanted to roll (ricer) pimp status - in the back of a uhaul hahaha... and when they too stupid to understand basic physics - aka gravity and velocity combined with ricer IQ's = FAIL WTF, at least 6 people there - no one had a clue? Maybe the dude shooting the video did on the bright side, one less ricer on the road for awhile
  20. Hahaha look at this idiot... Im glad this happened too, how much of a moron do you have to be to even do this in the first place, and then blame your girl for turning, I didnt see the wheels turn! FAIL http://www.streetfire.net/video/honda-uhaul-fail_2041348.htm">Honda
  21. more than a month later i'd have to agree... deffiently a mute point now, the whole point was to wear it around an unruly crowd, now no one much gives a shit. I concede. topic CLOSED
  22. ROFLMAO!!! True, but if you look at past posts, he has had the shirt for weeks now, ok maybe 10 days...
  23. wow for someone who wanted to make this bet in the first place you dont seem to motivated to follow through... WOW i expected more from a friend and fellow mod.... holy crap!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaaa.... Post up or ban!!!! (Josh said he would ban you for a week) (not really. just sounds threatening lol)
  24. Wow Kim, sorry to hear about your loss, my condolences go out to you and your family.
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