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  1. Hi everyone, this is totally legit. Please be nice. They are trying to help.
  2. Your complaints have been heard! The call for a few new forum sections and the re-purposing of some older ones have been acted on. Here is what's new- Appearance forum focus has shifted slightly: It's now: Appearance, Cleaning, & Detailing Added a new forum: MiSSed Connections & SSpotted The Waiting Room has been renamed to: My New Truck Added a new forum: Firearms & Hunting Added a new forum: Sports & The Outdoors SS Truck News has been refocused to cover all automotive industry topics as : The Automotive Industry I'm eager to hear everyone's thoughts.
  3. Working on things this morning: 1- Appearance forum focus has shifted slightly: It's now: Appearance, Cleaning, & Detailing 2- Added a new forum: MiSSed Connections & SSpotted 3- The Waiting Room has been renamed to: My New Truck 4- Added a new forum: Firearms & Hunting 5- Added a new forum: Sports & The Outdoors 6 - SS Truck News has been refocused to cover all automotive industry topics as : The Automotive Industry We're working on more photo contests. Garage is back, along with truck of the month. A 48-state flag rally will start soon, too! Supporting Membership will re-open in the next few weeks. We're installing and testing the new software to allow us to process subscriptions next week. I think this addresses quite a few of the open concerns. Are we doing a better job?
  4. We'll be on the look-out for a IPB Forum Hook that has the functionality. We're not programmers, so we can only use what we find (and is well designed / maintained code). Have you tried the View New Content Button near the right top of the page?
  5. Hi guys. A few things... Somehow your PM access was disabled. I have no idea how but have re-enabled it for you. Sorry for the trouble. Warning points are removed automatically via the forum software. How long it takes to remove depends on what you were warned for. Moderators are not able to remove warning points. Those points are also automatically added from the forum software too. A moderator only tells the forum which rule the member broke and points are assessed automatically. I don't think the mods are messing with anyone as much as everyone thinks. We always welcome ideas to improve the forum and would love to hear your suggestions.
  6. We are really excited to get this going asap. When Josh explained the idea to me yesterday I immediately knew it would be a lot of fun.
  7. Don't make me have to delete anything. Please stay on topic.
  8. Which browser are you using on your Motorola?
  9. Well, the host transfer is almost complete. We finally feel comfortable this morning re-opening the forum. We've yet to turn the gallery back on but will do so soon. We just need to finish transferring all the files. Please post any page loading impressions, bugs, or comments in this thread. We'll work to fix things as they pop up over the weekend.
  10. Yes, sorry to not clarify. I have updated my original post.
  11. Hi everyone, Josh and I are happy to announce that we're moving the hosting of the site this Friday. Unfortunately, this also means the forum will be unavailable during the transfer. We expect things to take approximately 5-hours and we will close the forum to start preparing at 7am eastern. If all goes well, we hope to have the forum back open after lunch. The new server should also cut the site load times down significantly. For example, TrailBlazerSS.com went from a load time of 3-4 seconds on the old server to under 1 second on the new. We'll keep everyone updated on any developments as we work on things! Thanks in advance for your understanding..
  12. Anyone else from the site going to be at SEMA in a few weeks?
  13. The administration at SilveradoSS.com is proud to announce four new additions to the forum moderating team. (Click on a name to see their profile) shadowsniper3006 JF-03-SS chpspecial kcsilveradoss Lets give them a round of applause! http://www.SilveradoSS.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/cheers.gif Each of them will be in charge of 1-3 specific forum sections. When we have the forum assignments figured out, we'll let everyone know.
  14. EDIT:We're all good and this shirt sale has now been approved by the administrators.
  15. Just grabbed all the tee-shirts, hats, & decals from the office. Loaded them up into the Ford Edge press vehicle for the week and will transfer everything to the Sierra tonight. Bringing my dog, Sam, with us too.
  16. Great! Josh and I will be trying out accepting credit cards (with a smartphone reader) for tee-shirts if anyone wants one. Hopefully it works.... I'd imagine we'll meet you guys at the track around 10-11am or so.
  17. Does anyone remember/know how the cell phone signal is for verizon around the track?
  18. Josh and I are going to be there on the 15th. Anything we can bring to contribute to food? We'll also have SilveradoSS.com t-shirts as usual. If anyone is interested in anything specific, send me a PM and I'll 1) Make sure we have it and 2) Grab it to bring along for you. Otherwise we'll have a nice selection at the track. We're also bringing along our new Sierra Project Truck Does anyone know if LVD allows dogs in the pit area? I'm thinking about bringing my 1 year old Golden/Lab mix with me if the track is cool with it.
  19. Reflective Concepts sells the official SilveradoSS.com decals.. http://www.reflectiv...subs0j53lfrr1l2 Only $5!
  20. Our shooter Chris said this truck looked sportier than the rest. You're right, we'll have to wait and see.
  21. Mervz

    SPAM E-Mail

    You are welcome. Thanks for the kind words- I needed something like that this morning.
  22. Mervz

    SPAM E-Mail

    Good morning. Yes, the forum was hacked last night and "anonymous" used the forum bulk mailer to send out these emails. We aborted the bulk mail as soon as we could. Unfortunately, before we could stop it, over 5k members were emailed. We apologize and do not support this "cause". Many other forums, like ours, have been hit by this group over the past few months. Josh and I are not happy about this. In fact, we're incensed that someone would do this to the forum. We will be sending out an email to all members explaining what's going on later today after we've ensured everything is locked down and 100% fixed. Thank you for your post and we're sorry it caused you any trouble. Just to be clear- your email and personal information was not taken from the site. They instead used the forum's built in mass email function.
  23. We upgraded the chat to 20 users but it has not kicked in.
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