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    @nevrenz was looking for an insert
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    Had a set of nice OEM housings and the switch from 1Fastbrick sitting around here forever; finally got around to doing mine today, used the bracket info given in this post -> http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/86458-how-to-install-your-fog-light-wiring-to-factory-switch/ - my truck being an '06 the factory wiring is already in place so I just needed to make brackets and add the parts. I used plain 1 x 1/8" steel flat bar to make the brackets. Thought about using aluminum and it probably would have been fine at that thickness, but I wanted to be sure they wouldn't flex at all. Used cutoff wheel to zip off some 5" sections then drilled the holes 1/4" with one end a little offset as shown in that thread, then cleaned up all the edges with the die grinder. Even with the 1/8" thickness I was able to attach them without issue using the studs poking up from the bumper cover brackets above the brake ducts. I used stainless fasteners since they sit right above the lens, didn't want moisture causing any rust to drip down on them. Mocking up the bracket using a piece of cardboard just to be sure First set made, checking the fit and operation Side view behind the brake duct, I think I want to cut out some vinyl to cover up the excess lens area and prevent light bleed-through around the duct Other set made, both lights in place and operating Popped 'em back apart to paint the brackets to prevent rust, now that I know they fit how I want them to Easy job...next up I'll order either some high power LED's or maybe HID's to go in them; probably go with LED as HID seem to be obnoxiously bright in this application. Richard
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    The factory OEM Grills already come painted From GM. The last two I purchased (06-07 style) where around $500 My cost and I had to wait for them to come out from Detroit.
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    I still have my ss it has 64000 miles on it. One fender has rust and I need to clean it up underneath. I moved to Georgia from New York and just took it for emissions test. Everyone there was drooling over it. Not very many arrival blues left!
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    2005 SS with forged dished pistons, forged rods, ls3 heads with stainless steel valves and trunnion bear upgrade, 76/75mm trick performance turbo kit, devilsown meth kit, 40k trumax oil cooler, Texas speed cam 222/228, ls2 timing chain, built 4l60 with stage two shift kit and yank3600 stall, 120lb injectors, dual walbro 450 fuel pump with -10 feed lines and -8 return, 92mm holly hi-ram intake. Soon will be tuned for E85.
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    If you didn't buy 1/4 watt 470 ohlm resistors then you just wasted a bunch of your time. If they burnt out right away like your saying then the resistors are all wrong. You need to read the first thread of this post I explain which ones to use for a reason and it wasn't for my health... sorry man.
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    Brackets - off center holes were 1/4" and centered were 5/16" to work with bolts I used. These are the mounted brackets I made for mine. Here you can see why the holes aren't centered on the mounting end. Mounted