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    From the album: SS pickup

    Finally got her painted and mounted
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    I got my switchbacks from headlightrevolution.com , they are the "GTR Lighting Carbide Series 3156 / 3157 LED Bulbs, C/K Compatible" I haven't had any problems at all with strobing or any other issues with them. They were pretty expensive, 40$ a set, but I think they were worth it. I'll take a short video and upload it if you're interested. I haven't been too active on here because no one is really paying attention to this thread as far as I can tell.
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    The pan has a sump(deep spot, like a bowl) in the front that holds about an extra quart and keeps fluid flowing better on hard launches, cornering, and off road. It accomplishes this because the filter inside has a slightly longer suction tube that reaches down into the sump, always sucking pure deep fluid. No matter what the situation, I prefer my transmission flowing as well as possible, and without air bubbles. Especially the 1-2 shift at the track for example, if that's your thing. Or towing through hills, with hard shifts on an incline. It keeps the fluid from all sloshing to the back or sides, causing the filter to intermittently suck air. The C5 Corvette takes the same transmission pan as the Silverado with 4L60E, only in the C5 it is UPGRADED with this pan and filter, servos, etc... so why not? I'm replacing the pan anyway while I have it off, the cost over oem is minimal. At $76 it is a fraction of the cost of the deeper aftermarket pans which just hold more fluid, but do nothing to always contain the fluid directly under the transmission filter suction tube. Also this is a way to get a cheap pan that holds an extra quart of fluid, even if your exhaust Y or X pipe is up too close in the back for a full width, deep pan. Along with the other benefits, even if you deem those questionable. And as I stated myself days ago in another thread... I'm sure it's overkill for my daily driver, but this is America and I want one.
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