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    Just finishing up the mechanical and tuning on the LSA install. 6.0 LQ9 with CnC’d LSA heads FIC 850cc Injectors 2 Bar MAP Comp Cam 54-454-11 LSA Supercharger 7.8 lower/ 2.35 upper 102mm Nick Williams TB 5 inch JLT CAI LS3 Blade MAF 1 7/8 headers 3 inch exhaust 3500 Circle D stall 4L80e All Wheel Drive
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    Hey everyone! It's been YEARS since I've been on the forum. So I guess I'll reintroduce myself lol. I've got a 2004 SSS that I bought new. I've lowered it and put on an exhaust but that's all for performance mods. Recently I installed a Retrax tonneau cover and Yakima Overhaul rack system. Hoping to get more active in the forum since I've got the mod bug again.
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    Finally got my differential narrowed and installed my bonspeed 22s 6in lip on the rears truck is dropped 4-6 😎
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    I just love how this thing sits
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    Thank you lol! Thank you!! Got everything back on including the cladding, I need to give it a wash but I love it! It has come a long way in the 3 months or so I've had it
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    As I was replying to another thread here, i was searching through my virtual pile of SS related photos and thought I would dredge up a few of the funny ones. Some of these I photo shopped myself. 1) I seem to recall somebody with a Red SS wanted more bass in their stereo, so I put in a bigger sub for him 2) Not sure why I did the riced out version of the SS, but it was funny looking. 3) The Lemon Fresh oil if from the internet. 4) It must be a bit hot where this guy lives. 5) Dual Radix super charger. Had a bit of fun photo shopping my single Radix in to two ;D 6) Ash all over my SS from a brush fire long ago (Southern California). 7) And we all know that Joseph was a carpenter, so he needed a fast truck to get around, that is why he had as SS.
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    2005 SS with forged dished pistons, forged rods, ls3 heads with stainless steel valves and trunnion bear upgrade, 76/75mm trick performance turbo kit, devilsown meth kit, 40k trumax oil cooler, Texas speed cam 222/228, ls2 timing chain, built 4l60 with stage two shift kit and yank3600 stall, 120lb injectors, dual walbro 450 fuel pump with -10 feed lines and -8 return, 92mm holly hi-ram intake. Soon will be tuned for E85.
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    Seems like it is pretty perfect lol. I’ve seen them with more miles go for more.
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    Blackbear, does all my tuning with EFILIVE on my 03 Silverado ss
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    From the album: SS pickup

    Finally got her painted and mounted
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    Due to an over popular cam spec requesting this is a new cam help guide and posting. If you want to review the cams here, feel free and ask all you'd like in this post. Want a cam recomdation or have a question on a specific cam, just post it in here. Info for cams needed is... Year of truck: Model: Trans: Converter: Gear: Tires: List of current mods: Possible future mods: Goals for truck: Uses of the truck: Cam list: Comp Cams: XR259HR...206/212 .515/.522 112LSA. Great cam for a stock truck looking to make big low rpm torque and use a stock torque converter. Better suited to a 4.8L or very mild 5.3L. Recomended torque converter would be no more than a 3000 for a 4.8L or 5.3L and stock or 2600 for a 6.0L. Recomended valve springs would be LS6 GM springs. XR265HR...212/218 .522/.529 114LSA. Great cam for a stock truck using stock truck exhaust manifolds and either a stock converter or low rpm stall. In a 4.8L or 5.3L I'd recomend a 2600 to 3000 stall. In a 6.0L I'd recomend a stock or 2600 stall, but the 2600 would be better suited to the job. Recomended valve springs would be GM LS6 springs. XR269HR...216/220 .525/.532 114LSA Decent cam for a bolt on type truck running shorty headers or long tubes. Stock manifolds could be used, but headers would be a bigger gain at this point. For a 4.8L this is a fairly agressive cam and I'd recomend at least a 2800 to 3200 stall. For a 5.3L and 6.0L a 2600 to 3000 stall would do the job nicely. This cam isn't really recomended for gains with it's low lift and bigger duration. Other than great valve spring life there isn't much reason to run it. Recomended valve springs would be LS6 springs. XR273HR...220/224 .530/.534 112LSA Decent cam for an LQ9 for someone worried about valve spring life. With this much duration and this low of lift I just wouldn't recomend it as a choice for any application. XR277HR...224/228 .534/.537 112LSA Agressive cam for duration and LSA. Not enough lift to make it worth recomending at this duration. XR265HR...212/218 .558/.563 115LSA Very nice cam for a truck with mild exhaust upgrades. Not a recomended cam for a 4.8L or 5.3L as this much split with the small intake valves isn't the way to go. For a 6.0L this cam makes for a nice and mild dail driver with very little lope at idle. Stock converter can be used, but a 2600 stall is recomended. This cam can also be used with a blower or nitrous with decent results. Recomended valve springs would be LS6 spring or Comp 918. XR275HR...222/224 .566/.568 112LSA Very strong cam for a naturally asperated setup. In a 4.8L you'll need a 3000 to 3400 stall. In a 5.3L you'll need a 2600 minimum and best results at 3000 stall. With a 6.0L I'd recomend a 2600 to 3000 stall depending on how agressive you want the launch. This is a very good cam for torque in the middle rpm range. Recomended to use shorty headers or long tubes. You may also need an injector upgrade at this point. With good tuning the idle will be a bit choppy, but yet still very streetable and will make for a nice daily driver with some bite. Not recomended for nitrous or Supercharger. Recomended springs are LS6 springs or 918's. XR281HR...228/230 .571/.573 112LSA Very strong cam for a naturally asperated setup. Not recomended for a 4.8L or 5.3L. An L33 5.3L H.O. could run this cam with it's increased compression, but would require a 3200 to 3600 stall to be happy with it's results. In a 6.0L I would only recomend this for an LQ9 with it's increased compression and it could be ran with less stall due to it's cubes and compression. In an LQ9 I'd recomend long tube headers, LS6 or Fast style intake, and larger injectors. I'd recomend a 2800 to 3400 stall behind an LQ9 with this cam. Idle even tuned in perfectly will be choppy and will make for a decent daily driver as long as you aren't in heavy traffic. Not recomended for supercharger or nitrous. Recomended springs would be 918's. XER273HR...224/230 .581/.591 114LSA Very similar power band to the XR281HR, except with a better idle and better drivability. I would not recomend this for anything smaller than a 6.0L either. Recomended to run a shorty or long tube header. Larger injectors will be needed. I'd recomend a 2600 to 3000 stall for this cam. If it is well tuned in the idle is lopey, but not unacceptable for a daily driver. This cam will also work ok with L92 style cylinder heads. It happens to be one of the cams that Livernois has chosen for it's L92 package. Will work nicely with nitrous or a blower. MP122 or bigger for Magnacharger or D1SC for Procharger. Recomended springs would be 918's or 921's. XER281HR...232/234 .595/.598 112LSA Pretty much a cam built for no smaller than a 6.0L. If you want to run a cam like this you'll want more than the stock compression of an LQ9. I'd say no less than 10.5:1 compression. You'll also want a car intake for this rpm range. With a 6.0L you'll want a 3200 stall or higher. This cam is better suited to bigger inch such as 6.7L and bigger. Not recomended for boost or juice. Recomended springs would be 921's or Partriot Dual Gold's. XER287HR...238/240 .605/.609 112LSA If you want to run this with a 6.0L, shoot for 11:1 compression or higher, a stall of 3600 or higher, 1 7/8 headers, and a Fast intake. This would make for a nice agressive cam in a 6.7L or bigger that can still be daily driven. More cubes of course wouldn't require as much stall. Recomended springs would be Patriot Dual Golds. Texas Speed: Thunder Racing: Trick Flow: TFS-30602001...216/220 .560/.560 114LSA TFS-30602002...220/224 .575/.575 112LSA TFS-30602003...228/230 .585/.585 112LSA Still updating...
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    What’s up guys! Figured it’s time to get on here and be apart of the club. My names bob and I’m from mn, and I own a beautiful 2003 Silverado SS in black. It’s a gem I’m very proud to own up here where most trucks don’t survive the rust storm. BTR stage 3 camshaft kooks long tubes to 3” axle dump #60 injectors on a walbro stage 3 monster built 4l65 with a tru cool 40k circle d 3200 stall Custom tuning its still under construction ha, the do it list is massive. I just ordered my HD cowl hood and HD grill, and after that will be adding some forced induction.
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    Bed is off! I took this opportunity to clean up the frame Its not flawless but much better than it was. Also the box got primed and is ready for block sanding today! And I picked up some sweet LED tail lights
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    2005 Chevy SS AWD truck Extremely clean inside and out Only 29k original miles. Manga supercharger high performance crank pistons and cam transmission ported heads also mild enough to be a daily driver. 26 inch Asanti 3 piece wheels with new tires 6 piston Bare breaks all the way around big sound system with touch screen. Serious inquiries only please! You will not find another Chevy AWD truck with this package and mileage!! $25,000.00 sweet deal!!! 702-321-1979
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    I hate everyone with a supercharger on their SS (in a good way) 👍
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    Black Bear Performance Custom Tuning is coming to Texas, October 25-27, 2019! - 1998-2016 GM Vehicles - Dallas - Ft Worth, TX - $100 deposit, $250 balance at time of tune (total $350) Discounts Available For details, please see http://www.blackbearperformance.com/calendar.asp Black Bear Performance is your premier GM V8 Car, Truck and SUV custom tuner with over 16,000 customers served.
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    Just responding to this in case anyone else sees it. I still make the adapters, just shoot me a PM and we can get you set up.
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    Yep, don't get the auto parts store/hardware store double faced tape. go to a real body shop supply place and get the real stuff. Its also no real cheap, but you'll find lots of stuff to use it for.
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    The 2004 Denali has the wrong transfer case. It has a BW transfer case. But.....the BW transfer case seriously blows. It's basically acting like an open diff and sends power to whatever wheel that wants to spin. When you start making enough power to spin in AWD, it really really starts to suck. Most guys will swap at the Silverado SS transfer case, the NVG149 or NP149 (same case, New Process bought New Venture Gear). I'd highly recommend swapping to the NVG149 case and running my input gear to mate it to the 4L80E. The NVG149 will split roughly 38% of the power to the front and 62% of the power to the rear, it acts like a posi differential and actually splits the power front to back and makes for a much better driving experience with big power.
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    The factory OEM Grills already come painted From GM. The last two I purchased (06-07 style) where around $500 My cost and I had to wait for them to come out from Detroit.
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    Things are good over here Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Old post bump haha When I had my 350z I didn't drive it in the winter for I had my crown Vic also at the time. I didn't see the point of washing two cars to keep the salt off it. In a few years I'll probably do the same thing when I get my mustang or older muscle car. I never got the people who store there 5000$ cars over winter or 4wd trucks then struggle with there winter beaters over winter to keep them going. Like my Harley can't really ride it when there is snow and ice on the ground. Some things make sense but others don't.
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    It's in! It's finally in! Now to tune it with BlackBear... Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    From the album: The Blue Beauty and other Rides

    got her all blue again
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    You are moving in the right direction, ball joints may or may not be part of your issue, but any time you see a torn boot is a bad thing. Water and road dirt can get into the joint and degrade it in time. In terms of how your truck handles, also check your Pitman and Idler Arms, worn ones will dramamtically change how your truck handles. The wobble in your front end over bumps could very well be blown shocks. Also, make sure to check tire pressure if you are pulling to the right, an imbalance in pressure can cause the truck to pull. Take a look at your tire wear, that will tell you if there is an alignment problem. It still won't hurt to have it checked by a competent mechanic. Also, the front end is supposed to be sitting on the bump stops(jounce bumpers), they are an active part of the front suspension.
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