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    Blackbear, does all my tuning with EFILIVE on my 03 Silverado ss
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    We would be happy to help with tuning. We are not located in the Pittsburgh area but we specialize in tuning by mail or email, and we have options to see your vehicle data before we tune. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks
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    Damm... your truck hauls ass for an ol’ Heavy ext cab...
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    You are moving in the right direction, ball joints may or may not be part of your issue, but any time you see a torn boot is a bad thing. Water and road dirt can get into the joint and degrade it in time. In terms of how your truck handles, also check your Pitman and Idler Arms, worn ones will dramamtically change how your truck handles. The wobble in your front end over bumps could very well be blown shocks. Also, make sure to check tire pressure if you are pulling to the right, an imbalance in pressure can cause the truck to pull. Take a look at your tire wear, that will tell you if there is an alignment problem. It still won't hurt to have it checked by a competent mechanic. Also, the front end is supposed to be sitting on the bump stops(jounce bumpers), they are an active part of the front suspension.
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