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    Welcome, Not sure what to tell you on fair price but that's pretty low miles for a 2003! Well even for any year of Silverado SS at this point but especially a first year truck. If it's from your local area I'd inspect it VERY closely for rust although with 35K miles I seriously doubt it was driven in any bad weather. At any rate the hard lines for brakes and fuel tend to rust out very quickly on this generation of trucks if they're ever exposed to road salt or possibly even salt air (like from the coast) so check 'em as closely as possible. With those miles I'd say it's unlikely to have signs of problems of any kind. Some believe that low mile older vehicles are full of problems but I'm not one of those. One exception would be the tires; if it has ancient tires (check the date codes) then you'll want to replace them immediately - even if they're not dry rotted. If it does have any odd details, post back with your findings and others can offer advice. The truck is probably worth well upwards of $15K if it's clean. Richard
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    The ss clone, repainted the front bumper cover and some of the side cladding, replaced hood latch, add hose clamps. On the 03 SS I did all the fluid changes in the drivetrain, replace the oil sensor, it was malfunctioned and leaking.
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    Was going through my storage and found a box with my stock air intake assembly. As I recall, I had my K&N cold air intake installed 4 days after I bought my SS new. The photos show the #15769060 lower assembly and the SFI/H02S/TWC air filter housing and catalyst with the OEM filter inside. The entire unit probably had 25 - 30 miles on it since I drove the truck home from the dealer, next day to have the exhaust system installed and then two days later had the intake system replaced. I want $140 for the setup and will quote a shipping price if you give me your zip code. I will accept PayPal as a gift transaction or, in the rare case that you are anywhere near Tyler, Texas, we can arrange a face to face transaction.
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    Yes! I bought my in 08 with 65,000 and I just hit 188,000! Paid off too!
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    I've owned mine since 2006 bought with 60,000 and it's creeping up on 200,000 still love it best part it's payed in full