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    Having one driveshaft out will allow the t-case to spin, and the truck to roll, even in park.
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    If its still moving and not making noise, you might be alright. I'd put the diff back in and go, but I'm a cheap [email protected] Might not hurt to have a t-case located, as a plan B.
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    Escaldes and denalis are all 3.73. you can grab a 4.10 out of a Silverado/avalanche/Tahoe/suburban 4x4 and switch the pass. Side axle tube, with your awd style axle tube. That's the only difference. On the t-case, as long as it was an NP3 optioned (not NR3) it's a direct replacement as well.
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    Hello Everyone, This is just a friendly reminder that the "How To" forum is not a place to ask questions. It is not a place to ask for help. It is not a place to request a "How To". This forum is meant only for members who wish to post the specific steps to complete a project or modification of some sort. Think of it as the "sticky" section. All posts in here could potentially be a "sticky" that is put up for all to read and gain information on how to do something to there SS. So, from here on out, please only post in this section if you have directions on how to do a modification, complete a task, or steps to take to resolve a problem. Thanks.