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    Back together! Aside from the rear bumper I didn't have time to put on. First I POR15'd the brackets for the cladding Made sure to test fit everything before I drill any holes I felt bad drilling into these nice clean rockers haha But I did make sure to spray lots of rust proofing in the holes even though it will never see salt All riveted back on Back together! ?? backed it out of the garage to see if outside
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    Sooooo much work has gone into this truck recently. I knew the rockers and cab corners needed attention but after taking a closer look one day i realized they were much much worse than I had thought.. So that meant it was time to get them done. I was hoping not to have to do this so soon but I can't leave it like this. Major dismantling Old junk cut out The inner rockers were toast too All the old junk out New inners going in New outer rockers on All painted! Too bad this will all be covered up by the cladding Painted the rocker cladding too. And that's where its at as of now
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