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    Hey guys, I am toying with the idea of parting ways with my truck. It has the following mods. Magnuson 2300 supercharger , Flt level 7 trans with Circle D 25-2800 stal trans, upgraded cam and valve springs, lowered 3/5,goodmark cowl induction hood, Gaylord Speedstur X2000 bed cover,led conversion inside and out, Magna flow duel exhaust. This truck has 51xxx miles and will only need tires. I have only driven the truck maybe 300 miles this year and it is rust free...never driven in snow or rain since I have owned it.Truck was purchased in 04 with 18xxx on the clock. I cherish this truck but at the moment feel the need to move on. I am asking $21,500.00 or trade for a 68-72 Corvette coupe of same value ( no frame or birdcage rust).A few of the mods know this truck and I am sure they will vouch for me and this truck if asked.
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    OH YES😍 I've dreamed of these wheels since I got the truck, now just have to wait for spring
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    Hey everyone! It's been YEARS since I've been on the forum. So I guess I'll reintroduce myself lol. I've got a 2004 SSS that I bought new. I've lowered it and put on an exhaust but that's all for performance mods. Recently I installed a Retrax tonneau cover and Yakima Overhaul rack system. Hoping to get more active in the forum since I've got the mod bug again.
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    (scratching head) you did see that he posted in 2016 these items are sold, right? Richard
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    Just finishing up the mechanical and tuning on the LSA install. 6.0 LQ9 with CnC’d LSA heads FIC 850cc Injectors 2 Bar MAP Comp Cam 54-454-11 LSA Supercharger 7.8 lower/ 2.35 upper 102mm Nick Williams TB 5 inch JLT CAI LS3 Blade MAF 1 7/8 headers 3 inch exhaust 3500 Circle D stall 4L80e All Wheel Drive
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    Finally got my differential narrowed and installed my bonspeed 22s 6in lip on the rears truck is dropped 4-6 😎
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