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    Thank you lol! Thank you!! Got everything back on including the cladding, I need to give it a wash but I love it! It has come a long way in the 3 months or so I've had it
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    Nice car, welcome from minesotta
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    I agree! They don't stand out too much but are a bit more modern. I got them on Ebay for $90 they were plug and play. Box is on and all cleaned up. I love it!!!
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    Thank you! I have seen your thread great job on the build I would love an Intimidator some day! I hope these LED tail lights are fairly plug and play but I'll keep everyone posted lol Getting closer!! Painted!! Just set on there for now. Still needs cladding and such. I am also doing a spray in bedliner
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    Bed is off! I took this opportunity to clean up the frame Its not flawless but much better than it was. Also the box got primed and is ready for block sanding today! And I picked up some sweet LED tail lights
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    Thank you! Soooo the rust free box I got had a dent on the driver box side which i was aware of obviously, however It was also full of bondo so I elected to put a new GM box side on it. On the plus side this box is absolutely flawless in terms of rust
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    2007 Classic available in SS, too. Just not many of 'em.. and yes, RWD only just like 2006. Richard
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