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    Doubt it's the same setup he's talking about but GM Performance has a Brembo 16" front (front only!) kit that is marketed for the current K2XX trucks, but *should* fit our GMT800 series trucks as well as GMT900's. It's not cheap at around $2300 or so but with 16" rotors and 6 piston calipers, and being designed FOR trucks by an OEM supplier, they should stop like crazy. I've been wanting to do them to my '06 but the cost has kept me away for now. I would also guess that a 20" wheel may be a limiting factor; might require 22's, not sure - I do recall seeing something in the application notes about the wheel type but they mention RPO codes for the current trucks. By the way, props to Ryan for speaking honestly about the Z06 brake swap. A lot of people won't admit when they've laid out the money and effort for something that just doesn't make much of an improvement. I was a little concerned when I did the Hellcat Brembo 6 piston/15.4" front swap on my 300C SRT8, which replaces the Brembo 4 piston/14.1" front setup. Some claim "it's no different on the street, just good for the track" but I will tell you the car stops REALLY well for 4K+ lbs. The 4 piston setup stopped pretty damn good already but I can tell an improvement. Was it worth the $$$? Tough call, but I'm happy with it! Pic attached for reference - that's a 15.4" rotor inside a 20" wheel; which is my concern about the GM kit with the 16" rotor - MAY NOT fit in a 20" but that's a guess on my part. Richard
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