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    As I was replying to another thread here, i was searching through my virtual pile of SS related photos and thought I would dredge up a few of the funny ones. Some of these I photo shopped myself. 1) I seem to recall somebody with a Red SS wanted more bass in their stereo, so I put in a bigger sub for him 2) Not sure why I did the riced out version of the SS, but it was funny looking. 3) The Lemon Fresh oil if from the internet. 4) It must be a bit hot where this guy lives. 5) Dual Radix super charger. Had a bit of fun photo shopping my single Radix in to two ;D 6) Ash all over my SS from a brush fire long ago (Southern California). 7) And we all know that Joseph was a carpenter, so he needed a fast truck to get around, that is why he had as SS.
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    Finally got my differential narrowed and installed my bonspeed 22s 6in lip on the rears truck is dropped 4-6 😎
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    Hi Richard, i did follow your thread on the rebuilt of this intimidator and the silver birch you got for your wife. In regards this intimidator you have done a beautiful job bringing her back to life. this is a great example of what a rebuilt should be, you did NOT hesitate on putting money and quality work into it. There is an intimidator for sale in virginia beach with 98,000 miles and certificate. I live in California and thats 2,750 miles away from my home. I want it, but the drive is too much for me. I would have to fly to Norfolk, Va and drive it back and i don’t think it’s a good idea, i can do Texas though :)..
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    Well look who paddled in on the negativity canoe! We’re actually super close to 1 million posts now and either way, if no one posted again this site is a gold mine of knowledge..
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    Magnaflow universal catalytic converter part # 339009 CA compliant 3" in/3" out brand new. I have 2 $200 For the pair. Shipping is included.
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    If you want your silverado ss to handle like a sports car and ride great then look no further. I have been selling/installing this set up for years now with great results Front DJM 3 inch a arms Front DJM upper a arms Front DJM Swaybar Front Belltech SP Shocks Rear DJM shackle/hanger kit Rear DJM swaybar Rear Belltech SP shocks BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL $1300 SHIPPED TO THE LOWER 48 STATES Truck is adjustable 2-3 inch drop in front and 3-4 inch rear with kit above. Also in front you start with new upper/lower a arms with bushings and new balljoints. So if you have high mileage or front end needs work its would be the time to do it. The only option i tell people to add is the rear belltech bolt in c notch. This is due to 2 things. First of all it will give you more clearance in rear for axle travel and 2nd of all it actually boxes in the rear frame section making it stronger. If you pull off the bed you will see how flimsy the rear frame rail is because its not boxed. The C notch would add another $275 to the above kit Any other questions just ask. Tony
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