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    I just love how this thing sits
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    Most likely same part on any 6.5' bed GMT800 truck, gonna be lots of them in boneyards that aren't in road salt areas. Shipping probably cost more than the part.. Richard
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    *fleetside, anyway. The stepside bumper is different. Guess I should've mentioned that in case you go boneyard hunting, but I'll also guess if yours is all rusted out, other used bumpers are, too. New ones are pretty inexpensive. If you're somewhere that it's gonna see salt, a chrome one might last longer than a plain painted one, and you won't see it anyway. Chrome costs more but if it lasts longer, may be worth it. Richard
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    I agree, I have never used it before but I will be from now on! I finished this weekend. I also installed the shorter bump stops to accommodate for the drop kit
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    To answer your questions; It handles slightly better I want to eventuality do a bigger front sway bar and a rear sway bar. The right is just as smooth as stock but I did get the correct drop shocks for it. Slight ribbing on full lock with stock wheel/tire combo but very minor. Overall extremely happy with it. Detailed it all up yesterday
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    I recently bought a new house so the SSS has been put to work! But of course after a long day of hauling she got a good detail
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    2005 Chevy SS AWD truck Extremely clean inside and out Only 29k original miles. Manga supercharger high performance crank pistons and cam transmission ported heads also mild enough to be a daily driver. 26 inch Asanti 3 piece wheels with new tires 6 piston Bare breaks all the way around big sound system with touch screen. Serious inquiries only please! You will not find another Chevy AWD truck with this package and mileage!! $25,000.00 sweet deal!!! 702-321-1979
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