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Announcement: Politics And SSS.com

Posted by Stitches040


    Adios BBD !!!

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I am posting this from a past thead ... Just as a reminder for the upcoming election.

Ok ... I and a couple of other Moderatores, have had just about enough of the Political BS on this site. Everyone has an opinion and I can handle that. (Because if we didn't, Oprah would be out of a job.)

But people still insist on inciting antagonistic political rhetoric on this site.

Seeing that most of you do not read the rules, I will help you (as did Usabodygaurd):

15. Please avoid discussing topics related to religion and politics. However tempting it may be, these topics always get out of hand quickly and there are plenty of other websites where these topics can be discussed.

From this point forward - Any postings of politics, especially that regarding any Presidential Canidate or people who are running for a Policically appointed position/office, will result in a Warning Increase.

Secondly ... Your signature and Avatar are included in this.