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  2. rudy91040

    Z06 Adapter Bracket Group Buy

    Sorry for the late reply. Don’t get on here too often. If you have McGaughy drop spindles they are not a direct bolt on. In order for them to work you need to elongate the holes. I can’t recommend this for liability reasons but there have been more than a few that have done it successfully. If you have Belltech, you should be fine. Belltechs are almost very close to gym calipers.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hey all, I'm new to this forum page and relatively new to the SS life. About a month or so ago when the polar vortex hit Minnesota, my truck started to flair going from 2nd to 3rd so I checked my trans oil level and it was basically gone . My buddy is a GM mechanic so he looked at my trans pan while doing a trans flush and showed me fine shavings of brass (and other shavings). He had his co-worker look at it too and they both told me that my torque converter was going out and quoted me 3-4 months till more things start to happen. So my question is, is it worth it to build my stock 4l60e or do a swap over to a 4l80 or possibly a 6l80?? and if a swap would be worth it, and what would i need? I looked at possibly swapping to a T56 but it seems like too big of a pain in the ass to do it and maintain it for a DD. I do have a friend that has a T56 out of his 05 GTO. I am still currently driving it as a DD but just taking it easy.
  5. Always6s

    Stock SS rims for sale.

    It won't let me attach the pics. Sorry
  6. Yes, as should the y-pipes. I had them on a 4wd, no issues. Will fit all of these, and more. 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ALL / Base / LS / LT / SS 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ALL / Base / LS / LT / SS 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ALL / SS 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ALL / SS 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ALL 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ALL 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ALL 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ALL https://thmotorsports.com/2516000-dynatech-715-84110-supermaxx-headers#fitment
  7. Would the headers fit a awd ss?
  8. Johnnyblaze370

    Ceramic coated now

    Sorry haven't been on here in a while. Mine has a layer of Myabi, and ISM. I use overcoat on it after every wash.
  9. Possibly interested for a project I'm working on. 1948 Willys truck, getting l92/4l80e into a 4wd s10 chassis. Would like to put the 149 and non-disconnect front differential for awd madness. Please email me about availability and price : [email protected] Thank you
  10. Mike S.

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    Well... I am not sure if I will keep them on the truck... I want to mount them and check the stance.
  11. Jason9298

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    I would trade for your if your still interested
  12. Mike S.

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    Think you can get them into a USPS flat rate box? What are you looking to get for them?
  13. Last week
  14. eberhama

    Need upper bumper pad, any condition

    701-866-5573. I just need a small piece kind of under the driver's taillight. Maybe snap a pic of the whole cover? Mines been wrecked and fixed at least once before in that spot. Might be easier just to split in half, wouldn't be much of a seam to hide. Thanks, matt
  15. someotherguy

    Need upper bumper pad, any condition

    I've got two upper pads in decent/decent-ish shape, and a damaged bumper cover.. Throw me a PM with your # and I'll send pics when I get home; I'm at work all night. Richard
  16. Looking for a top pad for an SS rear bumper. Doesn't need to be super nice or have all the tabs. The truck it's going on is rough around the edges, but looks weird without it. Could also use a small chunk of the bumper cover if anyone has a shredded one. Thanks, matt
  17. Jason9298

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    I have a set if your still looking I’m located in south jersey
  18. armedanddangerous

    Anyone know where i can get one or does anyone know the part number ???

    Found one thanks
  19. Always6s

    ISO: OEM Silverado SS Chrome Wheel

    I have four of the chrome stock rims for sale.
  20. Always6s

    Stock SS rims for sale.

    I'm selling all four of my stock chrome SS rims. I am missing one center cap and one tire is blown. Other three are fine. Will entertain any reasonable offer. Will be back in a few with pics.
  21. 402StrokeSS

    Rear diff

    I am interested in beefing up my rear diff or buying a built one. Any recommendations on brands or a company that sells built ones? Thanks for any info!
  22. ccgoodwrench

    Collector Vehicle

    Just wondering if the 2003 SS is considered a collector vehicle in NJ? Dose any body have any experience with the process? I read on motor vechicles website, the vehicle has to be less then 25 years old, driven less than 3,000 miles a year,have collector car insurance, and be limited production. I’m thinking the Ss might be limited production because it has a different engine identifying character in the VIN no, and is AWD, any thought’s on this, just trying to save on insurance and inspection fee’s
  23. Silverado_George

    Replace Headlights

    Don't do it... I had these projector headlights on my old pickup truck before and the quality is really subpar as well as the light output... really crappy light pattern and very cheaply made headlight, I wouldn't do it if I were you, just stick to OEM or find a better option George
  24. Distracted

    Android Headunit

    That's the same adapter I used to install my Pioneer Double Din.
  25. These are GM OEM C6Z06 calipers which are manufactured by PBR which is Baer. I had the Baer Logo added when I had the calipers powder coated. Baer Rotor 6910962 Front Driver Side Baer Rotor 6920962 Front Passenger Side Rotor Outside Diameter (in):15.00 in. Rotor Thickness (in):1.100 in. Baer Rotor 6910526 Rear Driver Side Baer Rotor 6920526 Rear Passenger Side Rotor Outside Diameter (in):14.00 in. Rotor Thickness (in):1.025 in
  26. SOLD. Hated to see her go...back to the ‘03.
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