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  4. Anyone selling a set of Front and Back Calipers including brackets for SS AWD....
  5. Still available, thanks. Jason
  6. Congrats on the New To You SS! I traded in my 03 SS in fall of 2018. Still miss it a bit. Take a look at Amp Research, they have a power retractable running board and they tuck up quite nicely when retracted.
  7. Dayum Dude, You don't mess around. That's a lot of work and parts and it's turning out really good.
  8. I had my battery cables get a little bit loose and lost clock and dead key then truck started. I went to store and truck was dead and would not start or turn over, no power. It finally started and made it home. I checked battery cables and they had a tiny bit of wiggle in both. I tightened then up and no more loss of power or clock. That was a week ago and the truck still has trouble idling to the point of dying and nearly causing me to wreck. This truck has always acted up anytime I have removed power. Does anyone have a sure fire procedure for forcing a relearn? I had power off for about a week one time when I changed water pump and all hoses and it took a full two weeks or more to ever get right. Help, I nearly wrecked going to get a paper this morning.
  9. 2007 Classic available in SS, too. Just not many of 'em.. and yes, RWD only just like 2006. Richard
  10. Last yr of SS was 06 rear wheel drive.....ok
  11. Looking good! Like the exhaust exiting before the rear tire 😎. Back in the day, I volunteered my SS for a test fitment for a Magnaflow exhaust. It gave it a nice growl, but the highway droning drove me crazy, so I went back to stock. I hope your's does not have that drone to it.
  12. Any updates on this? Looking to purchase a full dropout but will take this route if it is feasible.
  13. I was able to find a "shopman" bowtie, always liked them! I also finished my magnflow side exit exhaust Then the biggest update, I purchased a whole truck that is from down south so it is totally rust free. I am going to take the parts I need off it for my SSS then just drive it as a beater.
  14. Can't speak to the other items though they sound good and if a respected SS tuner recommended them....... But I can say that at only 80K-ish miles my 4L65E had worn the separator plate out, so I'd say at 140K yours could probably benefit from replacement. Mine was also shifting stupid hard from 1-2 even at part throttle, so my transmission guy replaced the 1-2 accumulator spring with a different one, softened it up a little, though it's still a bit harsh - I think my PCM has a janky tune on it from the previous owner. It still gave me some odd behavior like a hang before shifting into 2nd (or 3rd? can't remember; it's been a while) and a momentary whining noise under acceleration, the trans eventually gave me warning signs of crapping out around 140K so I had my guy build it. 140K is a long time for a 4L65E to live in an SS, if you ask me; I'm surprised mine lasted that long. It still caught all the gears but had gotten loud and I was depending on it as a daily driver for just under 100 miles a day so I didn't want to wait for it to completely let go. Richard
  15. Address not found Your message wasn't delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail. not being done any more?
  16. I just bought a 2003 Silverado SS AWD with around 140k. I would like to firm up the shifts and extend the life of the transmission. What are some possible upgrades I can make while the truck is still in the vehicle? I have this list from an older thread made by Zippy. Are these still relevent? Any good guides how to do it? Superior Products kit part number 4L60E-L, Sonnax boost valve part number 77898E-K, Corvette servo, billet 4th gear Superior Products servo, aluminum 1-2 accumlator piston, and brand new GM spacer plate with the new bonded gasket/plate kit drilled to match the kit. I also plan on using Valvoline Maxlife full synthetic ATF.
  17. Just realized I wrote my phone number wrong on the previous post. Sorry to anyone that called or texted the wrong number. Sorry, fat thumbs. If anyone is looking for a rollpan I still have some ready to go.
  18. Not really a fan of clones, but I do have to admit when they’re built the right way like this one they look bad ass.... nice truck man! 👍
  19. Silverado decal for tailgate the one under the ss emblem i bought some not to long ago from someone just dont recall who it was
  20. Since I sold my 05 ss I have no use for this transfer Case & front differential I had as spares for my ss they are in perfect working condition they were removed from a low mile ss years ago I’m located in Los Angeles ca if interested give me a call 323-540-1119 thanks I cannot upload the pics if interested text me and I will send you pictures of the transfer case and front differential thanks
  21. Hello all, Looking to pick up a black SS I’m located in southwest AZ, looking to stay within CA, AZ, and Nevada. Let me know what’s out there. Thanks!
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