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  2. someotherguy

    They got her... Stolen

    What the hell!! That's crazy, man I am sorry to hear it. I sort of get what the cops are saying but then again is the gps signal not evidence?? Richard
  3. Distracted

    They got her... Stolen

    My beautiful 06 Intimidator SS was stolen today. Worst part I know exactly where it's at ( due to a Dronemobile GPS alarm) but the police say they can not go onto the property unless they or I can physically see it. It was all stock with factory model correct rims. This feeling sucks.
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  5. Proatv13

    Bagging an ss

    If it’s your daily o would say don’t do it!. I don’t understand why everyone is all about the accuair shiz either. Yeah it’s one unit but the thing is slow AF it’s like going back to when we first started bagging trucks using manual valves and 1/4 inch air. And the price....no thanks. I would go online to I think it’s airbagit.com or something like that. I’m not sure because it’s here in as close to me so I just go there but get a nice bracket set up for the front. E en check suicidedoors.com they use to have cool shit for good prices back in the day. But get a bracket kit then locate a set of 1/2 smc valves. To Parker’s or those other cheap ones because even tho they look the same they do not perform the same. So get 4 valves for the front and in the rear I would do 3/8s Vales for lift and 1/2 for the dump so the beds not shooting up. Mount the front ones on the frame rails just under the cab and have hydraulic lines made at your local hose shop to go from the bad to the valve. Way worth the money to never have to worry about a blown line. The rear you will have to rid the leaf springs. Whatever link set up you go with just make sure the air bags are not mounted over the axel. Bag over axel rides like dog shit and will beat your teeth out I promise you won’t like it. The bags have got to go on the link arms somewhere before the axel. Not only will it ride like a caddy but you will get slot of lift out of the bag as well. I’m sure there are plenty of companies out there making kits for them. Just make sure the pinion angle is set good at ride height,you don’t want any vibration. Wire up your valves with some nice shielded speaker wire so it’s only one wire you have to run from all 4 corners. The option for switches is almost never ending. You can order 4 switches, one for each corner or more if you want one switch to tie both fronts together or both rests . You can even tie all 4 into one switch. I like that for the dump. So when you park you just flip the one rocker switch and it dumps all 4. I’ve always liked installing 2 of the 3 gallon tanks . One on each side with its own high output compressor. That way the air lines are all as short as possible. Well there is my unnecessary 2 cents lol if you need Andy help or advice just message me anytime
  6. Proatv13

    American racing headers UPDATE!

    Bro with the price of eBay headers being almost free these days, it’s going to be hard to find someone to buy a used set. Clearly those are well made quality headers and probaly cost a grip new. They don’t care about anything but getting the best deal. Even tho they will get those polished stainless headers off eBay and have to hammer a tube almost shit so it clears the steering and 2 weeks later the chrome is gone any they look like shit all pitted like they are 20 years old and leaking that’s a whole nother story lol. If I had extra money I would take them off your hands. I have a few extra high end car audio amps laying around if you want to make a trade lol.cool exhaust man good luck selling it and if you wanna trade or just dump the to get them out of your way let me know atleast I will appreciate the American made quality lol
  7. matslp488

    Hello from TN

    Welcome! Nice! I like those new Ram R/Ts
  8. Last week
  9. Starting my search now, but wanted to get a feeler of how many SSS are available out there. Looking for one under 100k miles and AWD. Not too particular on color, but arrival blue is my top pic. Thanks in advance.
  10. marsch

    Hello from TN

    Erik, 35, Middle TN. Hello everyone, long time fan of the SS. I dont own one yet, but about to start my search, and plan to post in the WTB section. I have been a GM/LS engine muscle head for a while. About to sell my 2006 GTO to pay off my Ram Sport. Plan from there is to sell the Ram to buy an SS. Seems like a lot of work, I know. I think the SS will be perfect bridge to have a truck in the household and something sporty to drive around for fun. Hopefully within the next few months ill be posting pictures of my new to me SS.
  11. Armyof1

    I Want The Brightest Headlights In The World

    Ok I will take a shot at it first brightest and furtherst distance are not the same as to get a light to shine as far as possible (excluding lasers) you need a small a bulb as possible and a big reflactor for example google the gigathrower that was a thought 2 of those then there is barge and train and jet lights (you did say in the world ) but for the brightest i would use xhp 70.2 crees in a reflactor then 500w led x4 on each side run a inverter and thermal paste nice chink of aluminum water cool them through the heater core or raditor ...i once ran 4 x xhp 70 on a bycycle and sure as [email protected] this truck bright lights me and wont dim which i was hoping some one would lol so i flip the switch from 45 lumin bike light to 20,000 lumin country boy set up and he had to stop dead wood .......60" led tv with busted screens are a dime a dozen take the screen out of it and it makes the best 6work light/shop light you ever seen pure white light got one on my truck now ill have to upload the pict keep the comments from calling me a story teller ....but if your just out to blind every one just get a couple 100mw green lasers and take the focus lens out about 1/16" make a spot size of a car at 50 yards ( green is the closest light to the human eye spectrum ) and say you had em on a switch frount and rear be impossible for say um augh police to chase you .....fire extinguesher backwards on a r1 works good too take the pin run a cable to the handle bars through eye loops you pull the cable ring then take your foot and kick down the handel prob shouldnt jump speed bumps in parking lots if you do take my word for it ....or mount em higher lol .... iphone not cooperating repair 4 anything at icloud if you want to see it ill send you a pict nothing special though but there nice light extra white mount one about 3ft above your work bench and you will love it ..FACT !
  12. Aldofashow

    For sale 20" silver factory SS wheel

    Just one wheel without a tire
  13. Yep! Well not necessarily stock, just closer to it. It actually had the Volant but I swapped it for the K&N after putting a stock setup on my wife's SS. Richard
  14. Good Luck with the Sell. I have one of these on my truck. Just wondering why you getting rid of it? You want your truck to be stock?
  15. desrtrat

    AWD Whinning Noise

    front career bearings.. known issue since 03. my ss only had 190 mi on it when i bought it new in 03. dealer replaced hole front diff with a 04 diff, after they redid the rear 2x thinking it was the rear due to the sound travailing thru the drive line.. good luck
  16. someotherguy

    E Fan conversation, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    What size alternator do you already have? 145A in my truck, original. 2006 being OEM e-fan equipped. Richard
  17. TxSilverado361

    Randy's truck?

    Didnt this truck belong to Randy? https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/l-Used-Chevrolet-Silverado-SS-d631#listing=246429658
  18. eberhama

    E Fan conversation, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    you wont need a bigger alternator. If you wire it in factory style to the computer, you will need it tuned to have the fan control turned in the computer. Otherwise the fans will do nothing. You could also wire it through a relay to a toggle switch, or a cheap thermostatic switch on the engine, or just wire the relay trigger wire to key on power, and they'd just run anytime the key is on.
  19. Up for sale a complete 06 silver birch front bumper OEM minors scratches nothing broken $950 OEM 06 grill $350 Tailgate $350 All parts are located in los Angeles ca and do have scratches on them you can reach me at 3235401119
  20. Long John Silverado

    Shocks for Silverado

    Hi, everybody! I’m the kind of driver that only wants to get from point A to point B safely and comfortably. My truck is mostly street driven and has no mods to the suspension. Rarely do I take a ride into the backcountry for fishing and it feels like I’m driving a tank (not that I ever drove a tank). I’ve been thinking of replacing the stock shocks with Bilsteins: https://4wdlife.com/shocks-for-silverado-1500 What do you guys think?
  21. Towerhand1989

    Hi Everyone

    Im George 30 from New Braunfels,TX. I Do Not Have A SS. I have a 2001 Silverado single cab shrot bed 2wd stock 4.8,4L60E. I have a stock LQ4, on the engine stand and a 4L80E along with the PCM out of a 02 Silverado 2500HD. Im building to put in my 01 that has the 4.8. Plans are port and polish the heada, debating on Stock Flat top for a LQ9 or convert the 6.0 to a 6.2. Either way i will be upgrading the cam and having head work done. This is my first LS build. I aslo have the stock PCM out of the 02 2500 HD. Dose anyone know if i can get away with swapping the PCM's? I know either way 1 will have to be tuned to the engine and trans. Now also i still have the truck to grab the wiring harness from if i need to.
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  23. AliC.8

    E Fan conversation, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Also, would I need the bigger alternator?? And if so what size would be good??
  24. AliC.8

    E Fan conversation, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    What will happen if I do not get it tuned? Will the fans just cut on and off when they want?
  25. AliC.8

    E Fan conversation, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    I've been looking into the wiring harness frm Nelsonperformance, and the radiator frm 1aauto, the 05 34in. Would you know the price range for the tunning by any chance?
  26. Chevyluvn

    E Fan conversation, PLEASE HELP!!!!

    If you don’t already have a 34” radiator you will need to get one to Run the OEM fans. If your trying to keep the E-fan system OEM you will need to get the truck tunned after taping the 2 wires into the computer. There is ways around it with an aftermarket harness.
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