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  2. Dav748


    sweet hood, did you mod it your self or is it for sale some where?
  3. I recently bought a set of Nitto Grappler Tires and Bushwacker Fender Flares for my 2005 Chevrolet Silverado SS Extended Cab. I would also like to add at least 3-inches of ground clearance to my truck. What brand of lift kits should I check out? Something affordable and durable please. Thanks in advance!
  4. Guest

    Brake Pedal Shudder.

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  5. thanks man. right now its undergoing a bigger turbo a billet bullseye 80/96 t6 1.32AR housing also mad a few more changes to the engine
  6. Yesterday
  7. How do I get the Bracket you produce for the conversion?? please email me back at [email protected] I have a 2006 SS. I have drum brakes in the back and would like to upgrade them as well! Thanks in advance
  8. Should be # 12335769 for 2003-2007 SS. Dunno why the non-SS is a different # (12335700) because they appear to fit the same but I guess the appearance is different somehow? Richard
  9. Man...Houston has always been a big city with big city problems but this crime bullshit has gotten out of hand. Petty crime, serious crime, doesn't matter, these maggots are out just doing whatever the hell they please. If they're not trying to steal the whole truck, they're just stealing pieces off the ****. Probably some time yesterday this happened. Someone pried the step pad off my wife's truck. Didn't just fly off from old tape; you can clearly see all the marks where they screwdrivered the crap out of the bumper. Thanks, you worthless pieces of shit. Go die in a fire somewhere.. Richard
  10. Hi! I'm from Phoenix. My truck's in color black. The only mod I have is a set of Nitto Terra Grappler tires. Also installed a retractable tonneau cover.
  11. Last week
  12. You happen to know the part # on the bowtie emblem??? Can’t seem to find it I get a lot of #s... thanks!
  13. Congrats on your new truck!
  14. Went to Numidia Dragways on Friday night to see if I can be the first Silverado SS in the 9's but didn't happen 8rib pulley system slip bad after 1000 ft....I did improve my 1\4 mile time but by very little over last year....10 rib pulley system here I come...time slip posted 4601
  15. Taken out of the box for photos never installed. $400 plus shipping. Comes with the Bowtie. I'm in Washington State if you want to pick up.
  16. I believe it... those trucks get taken down to The Valley for a rebuild and then ppl flip them.... a few weeks ago while driving back from The Valley I saw a red SS on 69 south on the back of car hauler semi with all the front end destroyed...
  17. I swear to you the very next night I saw another black SS, on the Brownsville Express... 😉 in other words, pulling some POS on a tow bar, with another tow bar on that pulling yet another POS, and 2 dirt bikes and misc. junk crammed into the bed, on the way to the border! Tried to get a pic but I was getting off I-10 in some heavy traffic w/Friday night drunks all around, so I had to keep rolling. Richard
  18. Welcome! Pics of the truck?? Where u from?? Color?? Mods???
  19. I also get to see 2 SS’s at home.. there’s a guy at my apt complex that owns a black 03...I just feel more special cuz I got ISS interior on mine lol..
  20. jmt


    no,does not have hydro boost.thx john
  21. Hello! Carl here. I drive a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado SS Extended Cab.
  22. You can find more batteries here. https://www.allicdata.com/product/battery-products/accessories/bi-2032/15641.html
  23. I think it was Thursday morning? Headed North on the West Beltway.. saw a really clean '03 SS, looked mostly stock other than a bed lid and ventshades. Yeah if you're in here that was me next to you in the black Intimidator SS covered in daily driver filth and sounding like a dump truck since my passenger side cat finally cratered. We were a mini-SS convoy for several miles in that rotten traffic until I broke for I-10. Then later that night West end of downtown - Brazos street maybe? around the clubs - saw another black SS, I had the light so I didn't get a chance to gauge what year, but from a glance it looked like a nice truck, too! I almost never see two SS's at the same time except at home. 😉 Richard
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