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  2. pics to come just picked it up tonight, does need some tlc and its miss dome cladding but its a driver / project truck
  3. i just picked up an 05 ss and its missing those plus the bracket to mount them, some one cut the rocker out in its all missing, got some rockers inner and outer to weld in,
  4. Hi guys I’m from Fort Worth Texas. Own trailblazer ss 06. Mods e fans. Transmission cooler. Headers caí. Tune. Lowered. Color silver. my second ride it’s 1993 Silverado ls3. 6L80 transmisión. Headers. New paint job lowered 4/6. E fans. E85. My 3 toy 1967 c10 short bed c10 step side at the shop at the time for ls swap and transmission. E fans headers cam etc.
  5. I guess this site has officially died when I'm was the only member logged in.
  6. Honestly, the same could be said about lowering any truck. It's his, I'm not excited about lifting any truck (I'd rather slam 'em) but yeah.. Richard
  7. Yesterday
  8. Brand New in Box - Part # z36-785 $40 shipped
  9. Brand new Ring And Pinion Gear Installation Kit, GM 8.25 Inch Front Master Install Kit IFS 99-Newer
  10. Set of 4 brand new Bilstein shocks for sale. Still in boxes. $300 shipped! I have the exact same ones on my 03 AWD with a 2/3 drop but will work on stock height as well. Part numbers 24-186100 (front) 24-186117 (rear).
  11. Oh and a little update how my trucks come on in 2 years lol
  12. Just seen an SS for sale on EBay and the owner has fitted just the tailgate part of the Intimidator spoiler along with a roll up bed cover. I guess its ok ? Anybody else on here done the same ? Like I said, a lot of shipping for a maybe fit ?
  13. Last week
  14. 1.6 60 is moving out for a 5k lb truck
  15. Pe needs to be around 12.5 on a n/a vehicle 11.0-11.5 on boosted I reduced my time pe kicks in as much as possible also
  16. Don’t just get the pro series mpvi2 works flawlessly without any bs
  17. I had a lot of success using the russk method..it’s a idle technique that will get rid of a lot of cam surge..
  18. 03ssgappn

    Lift a ss ?

    No....no no no why buy a sport truck and fk up the suspension geometry..sorry but just me opinion, your truck do what you want with it
  19. Work in progress..painting the wheels silver today
  20. I didn’t like everything red until I saw the truck was birch..bad ass 👍
  21. 03 Silverado ss custom metallic black pearl paint lowered 2 shackles dropped keys custom bump stops intake, exhaust, tune
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