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  2. You can install a tuner if you want...
  3. Thanks but I really want to keep it original if I can
  4. Have you tried Morimoto led's? I think it is better than hid's and there are a lot of different lumens to choose from. It has a good cut beam pattern that doesn't glare other drivers.
  5. Selling honeycomb bumper grille all oem message me if you are interested 9713169550
  6. I have a honeycomb grille one oem
  7. Ya !! I do wash vehicle by myself with the high absorbent, lint-free towels !! https://www.hysupplies.net/car-wash-detailing-microfiber-towels
  8. I use Chemical guys butter wet wax on top of paint sealants. Works great and leaves a nice shine to it. Durability lasts only up to 2-4 weeks depends on the weather condition on a daily. I love the smell of it.
  9. Insearch of a 03 ss transfer case
  10. Does anyone have or know where I could find a new rear bumper/cover for 2005 SilveradoSS Victory Red? Willing to paint! Thank you! Craig
  11. Still waiting on that 10yr old shipping label and money order receipt you claim to have. How are you recovering from the accident you claimed to have had? No matter what proof I give you will still deny it. So let’s see your proof against me.
  12. Post away or STFU Rudy. You don’t have any signed waiver and saying you do is just digging yourself deeper. If it’s a simple online signature,surely you logged the IP as well? Post it all up....
  13. Hi, I'm a new member from Hercules, CA. Glad to have joined the community and wants to know more about this truck. Lots of good info here.
  14. These trucks do have an issue with the intermediate steering shaft, but that manifests as more of a kind of klunk felt in the steering wheel. The "front end is all over the place" sounds more like part of the steering/suspension. Have you checked the steering gear box? Excessive wear could make it "wander". Also, did you check the idler arm? If I recall right, mine was a little "wandery" and found the idler arm was worn.
  15. If anybody is willing to sell me one it would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Everything I have orders for has been shipped. If you don't see tracking on your paypal order, let me know.
  17. It’s possible previous owner lowered the front a bit decranking the bars.. a set of belltech street performance shocks should make a difference in ride quality if your looking to improve that... as far as lowering kits all SS trucks have torsion bar suspended.. no springs.. ways to lower it are lowering torsion keys, spindles, djm lowering arms or custom coilovers
  18. I’d offer him some money for the whole tailgate
  19. Richard if you ever see that truck sell me the badges 😂😂
  20. I just Sold my SS 454 I had for years and bought this 2005 SS 2WD it drives horrible! the front end is all over the place? I put it up on the rack and the ball joints, tie rod ends and everything was in good shape. I noticed the rear has shackles in the rear to lower it. but the front end looks stock? the tires and shocks need replaced but I'm not convinced that is the problem? Like I said my truck is a 2WD and the spindle has the center cut out like for the AWD axil? I am assuming Chevy just used the spindle for both 2WD and AWD applications? BUT my big question is there are no coil springs in my truck? is it possible someone let the torsion out of the torsion bars? would that cause a drivability issue? And should my truck have front springs? all the lowering kits and videos I can find have front springs on 03-06 Silverado's? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Coop! north Idaho!
  21. It's too bad I don't see this lawn dude around the neighborhood anymore. While unfortunately the wing is already gone from that boneyard find, it's still got the lower molding (and emblems) Richard
  22. Car Part Junction has brought the best deal for you; book now your car parts at carpartjunction.com. Remanufactured 4x4 Transfer Cases For Sale at the cheapest price with carpartjunction.com. Shop online today!
  23. So publicly you try to call me out and say I don’t have a liability waiver from you, yet you send me a private email saying that you won’t believe it because you think I faked it or spoofed it. So let’s make this really simple. You claimed to have the box I shipped the brackets in and you claim you have the money order receipt. So let’s see it. Prove me wrong. So either put up or shut up. You keep claiming to have all this proof against me yet everything you post or email me points to you being wrong. So again, put up or shut up. You are acting like a spoiled little kid that didn’t get his way. You even sent me an email saying you got in an accident because the brackets you claim are mine failed and you were going to sue me. So where are the pics for that? How did you install the brackets if you were missing parts? You keep digging yourself into a hole deeper and deeper. You should seriously just stop blaming me and admit you messed up over a decade ago and just now realized your failure. But I’m guessing you won’t own your mistake. I’m guessing you won’t post pics of the box, money order or the supposed accident you had.
  24. Looking for the the lower tailgate molding for the ss. Seems the part is discontinued.
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