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  3. Popfizz7

    24" TBSS wheels on silverado

    I used to run 22x10 wheels with a 12" wide tire and they did not hit or rub anywhere. Although it looked like a "muscle" truck, I didn't like the way it drove so I ended up finally going with a 22x9 wheel with (i think) a 10" wide tire. Its' a 2003 Silverado SS AWD, stock suspension btw.
  4. Proatv13

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    Anyone use the rear 14” rotors from SSBC?
  5. Proatv13

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    ***Role call*** I would like to know who has got There’s done and installed??
  6. Guest

    Is A New Front Anti-Sway Bar Worth Buying?

    Adding stiffer front sway bar increases understeer adding stiffer rear sway bar increases oversteer
  7. rudy91040

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    Still have some. Drop me a line [email protected]
  8. dkkustoms

    Custom Fiberglass Silverado SS roll pans

    No idea. Sorry
  9. eberhama

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    uppers are all the same. The lowers on an -06 SS would be the same as 4wd, since they both use torsion bars. Regular 2wd are coil spring.
  10. Mike S.

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    The more I look at the stance the more I wonder if I should just bring up the front by 1" instead of 2" by replacing the spindles. Thanks for the information on the spindles... good to know they are the same. Our upper/lower controll arms are different right? I have to visit the junk yard soon for a trans, so might grab spindles too.
  11. eberhama

    Looking For 2WD Stock Front Spindles

    Don't know if you found anything, but all 1500 2wd/4wd spindles are the same 99-06(except 1500HD). Should be able to pick up a set cheap at any salvage yard.
  12. BULL1t

    24x10 tire size

    I don’t like the beefy look but I like to have it look good not too low pro but in the middle what tire size are you guys running on 24’s and upload a pic if possible
  13. BULL1t

    24" TBSS wheels on silverado

    What size tire?
  14. houston05tx

    Hi from Upper Marlboro MD

    Welcome to the site!
  15. Proatv13

    SS dash inserts w traction control button

    Thanks man! Those KC switched lwe’re fat and angled down so I cut and made them fit Flush. I used epoxy to keep them in place
  16. armedanddangerous

    SS dash inserts w traction control button

    Thats bad ass man perfect spot
  17. Popfizz7

    Temporary Small Spare Tire

    2003 Silverado SS AWD I currently have a roll pan on the back of my truck (no bumper). This does not allow the full size spare tire to be mounted in the OEM location under the bed. The full-size spare tire has been just sitting in the bed of the truck for several years and I would like to take it out permanently. I "think" that I can potentially get small spare tire top fit in the OEM location underneath the bed. Is it possible to TEMPORARILY run a small spare tire in an emergency situation without completely destroying the drive train? I always carry a can of fix-a-flat in my vehicles, but it wont always work in some situations. So I need to keep a spare available somehow. Thanks for your input.
  18. Proatv13

    SS dash inserts w traction control button

    I looked for one of those for a while with no luck so I got creative with what I had, needed a place to put all this junk so that’s what I came up with.
  19. 08silver

    Z06 Adapter Bracket Group Buy

    I would like some for my 2008 Silverado will they work I’m using drop spindle in the front
  20. Proatv13

    Longer control arms

    What did you end up doing?
  21. armedanddangerous

    SS dash inserts w traction control button

    Pm sent
  22. Set of 4, Theft Deterrent, Arrival Blue but could be used on any SS. Sold my truck, so figured I would sell these off. 10.00 Never used. Picture is similiar however I cant upload picture is too large. Will email a picture if desired.
  23. CJF3100

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    Ruby, Do you have any more brackets front and rear.
  24. Ssfan60


    Anyone install speed engineering long tubes on a 03 awd ss.. Pics comments ?
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  26. flash2003

    New Bow tie

    SuperStock I had 55 k on the 03 SS Truck was a garage queen never seen snow or salt very few times it seen rain was in mint condition
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