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  2. I have a set of 4 original silver (not chrome) Silverado SS wheels and tires that came off my 2003 Silverado SS. These have been stored indoors. The tires are in great shape but are old. The wheels are in excellent shape with a few minor scratches from storage. The caps are in excellent shape. Lug nuts are included. Wheels and tires are located in Southern California. Pictures are available upon request. Please text me at 805 813-7256 if interested. Price is $1,200 OBO. Thank you.
  3. I have 2 complete rear bumpers no damage txt me for pics 9259170154
  4. Can you send pics of the spoiler 360-791-9804
  5. Would not let me upload pictures I have a dash insert with cage console and glove box dark grey ss red tailgate wing 2 rear bumper assembly’s intimidator ss headrest “not oem” replicas message me for pictures ! Pickup in Oklahoma City ok or can ship
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  7. Been a while, so I might not be remembering correctly, but when I added my transmission cooler, I used hard lines. I probably did this around 15 years ago, no issues.
  8. (3) OEM chrome center caps off of my 06 silverado ss. Unfortunately one came off or was taken off when truck got towed. Been holding on to them for awhile but its time to let them go. Manufacture date is 08/05. Caps are 16 years old so no theyre not perfect. Only selling them together. $120 shipped to your door... ***Call or text eight-zero-five-861-777six***
  9. I am currently on the hunt for a GM Factory Cold Air Intake. GM Part Number is 17801346. If anyone has one please feel free to reply or PM me, Thanks!
  10. You can search on a car dismantling or on a car after an accident, or on internet auctions.
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  12. I have an [09/05] 06 crew cab AWD and 4X4 transfer whatever that code is with an LQ9 code. Opinions?
  13. Stock set of SS tails. They were matched to the color of the truck (black). They are very dark, however very bright and clear when brake or reverse lights come on. Can get more pics if needed. $75
  14. Hey. I'm not sure if you are still looking for one but I have one I am looking to sell.
  15. What's up people I'm trying to replace the driver side n passenger side lower cowle. I cannot find a replacement the Internet says parts from avalanche will fit who knows. Any idea??? I need help Thank you.🙏
  16. One Badass Black SS in Southwest Nebraska
  17. Any long time 2004 SS owners out there? I'm considering buying one. Reading this thread for what to look out for. Any tips on what to look for when I go to see the truck? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello everybody haven’t posted in a while, hope everybody’s doing good. Anybody know how to update hptuners? I’m using a windows XP laptop,without internet, I really don’t want to buy another laptop, if anybody has any experience on this is much appreciated, thanks Chris
  19. Anyone knows how to do this “jump” on those brake vacuum canisters wires??? Thanks!
  20. So I replaced my old aftermarket tail lights with a new set of ANZO LED lights https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0015PNUXS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The old lights were great but after years of moisture getting in around the edges, the carbon fiber pattern had peeled and faded on one light and it was time to change. The new lights are great and I replaced the OEM backup lamp with a high intensity LED projector lamp so now you need sunglasses if you are standing behind the truck when I put it in reverse. Anyway, first time I wash the truck with the ne
  21. Hey everyone. I’m new to these tire size calculators. I currently have 305/44/22 on my SS. I’m doing the DJM 3/4 drop and was told that size will rub. After looking at some Other posts it looks like most people use 285/45/22 with good success. Will these tires work on my current wheels? I’m not sure what wheels these are that I have. But can take some more pictures if that helps.
  22. Yeah. No other noises from the truck besides the annoying warning tone from the dash.
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