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  3. Love those deep lips!
  4. Super clean! Looks great! Any updates??
  5. Truck looks great! Love the hood! I went to Traverse last year. Beautiful place.
  6. I would definitely not go with low profile tires. They ride terrible. As for changing your rims black, there’s a few options: PlastiDip, Vinyl Wrap, & spray paint. PlastiDip is good because you can always remove it later if needed. Wrapping them in vinyl is a super cheap way to go IF you can do it yourself, otherwise some places can charge $100 a wheel! And painting them yourself is a cheap & easy way, but just remember to take your time, prep correctly & do plenty of coats. Let us know what you decide!
  7. Standing_Arnold

    06' SS

    I think those are the Tahoe rims. Not sure about that gauge face but I got my Escalade one & blue/satin needles from eBay & the cluster bezel from American trucks
  8. I used a heat gun & dental floss to remove mine. Then used this eraser wheel to get rid of the glue. It’s a knock off version of 3M’s $60 one. Looks a lot cleaner.
  9. What do the chrome 22”s look like & where are you located?
  10. That’s one sexy ass engine bay!!
  11. Damn! I’m glad you got it figured out though! When I bought mine, first thing I did was take it to have everything gone through & its a great thing I did because there was very little fluid in the transfer case & had yoke knock, but after filling up & greasing it’s all good. You’re truck looks good. I am a couple hours north of you. I go to Jacksonville pretty frequently, maybe we could get up sometime. Shoot me a message if there is ever any shows or anything down there you’re going to & I’ll try to make it!
  12. Welcome back. I have been showing up here again as well. More and more, it seems like I am needing info for minor repairs ;D
  13. Welcome back! Your truck looks great! I just joined the site recently.
  14. Could you please post a picture of the brackets you’re referring to, because I think mine may be missing them as well. I just have a single rod over the battery that bolts to the fender & grill that doesn’t seem to do very much.
  15. When replacing the drivers rear speaker by your head, the plastic panel cracked & made it sound like the speaker was blown, but I just used some a can of dampening spray paint on the inside of the panel and that fixed it 😁
  16. Where you from buddy? And what’s your price range?
  17. thanks so much! looks good!! What’s your plans for it?! Update* painted my front end, radiator support bracket that always turns silver on every one of these trucks I’ve seen! All black & I wrapped the bow tie in 3D Vivvid carbon fiber vinyl & the rims have cf bow ties on center caps. I’m extremely happy with the turn out! It’s been getting hell of a lot of looks. i Just need a roll Pan & finally do my rims black to be completely murdered out. I have these black center caps with chrome outlined bow ties for when I either wrap or paint the rims.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Hey guys. I want to add leather to my new truck. Anyone have any recommendations of companies to go with? I don't want to install it myself. I've read good things about Katzkin and found this page about how they add leather to Silverados on their website: https://katzkin.com/what-do-you-drive/chevy-silverado-leather-seats/ Let me know what you guys think. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!
  20. Grey, came off my old 03 SS. DM me if interested. I'm in WA state.
  21. Don't our transfer cases take Dexron-III (or superceeded ATF) spec in owners manual? I don't rememebr seeing AT2 superceding this in spec anywhere?
  22. I am in the process of submitting all SSS info to Bring A Trailer for acceptance on their auction site and learned that I am limited in promoting it in advance as it may jeopardize their acceptance. Assuming they list it, I will reach out to you and this site where you can access 100+ photos, see detailed info, and chat on-line with any questions you may have. Thank you for your understanding and patience as I prepare for the auction. SR
  23. Last week
  24. Would also be interested if someone has a complete XM kit from a 04-06 truck. Includes the XM Box, Cables from the box to the Radio and the antenna. I want to stay 100% OEM with my truck. Thanks though!
  25. Grey is correct for the year but would do chrome if in good condition. What do you have?
  26. Have you looked at these guys? https://catalog.pac-audio.com/catalog/satellite-radio-integration/ISGM12 I have had one of their ipod / aux input adapters on my stock radio for a long time and it is great. They seem to have an XM adapter as well at the link above.
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