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  2. Congrats on you SS. Welcome to the site! Nice truck
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  5. Managed to put my hands on a very well maintained truck, 250K Kms (155k burgers) undercoated yearly but never driven in winter & always slept in a garage... pretty much a needle in a haystack in Canuckland. New shocks, balljoints, brakes, exhaust, alternator, hoses & belt. Runs & drives great except for some play in the pitman & idler arms so that'll be my first job on it. There's a cd changer, amp & sub I want to take out, something is wrong with the wiring and the radio won't switch to Aux with the cd changer turned on nor does the sub work. Hopefully doing that will solve the electrical issue. When I turn the engine off & open the door, the dashlights and radio stay on. The battery light in the dash lights up for a few seconds as well. Also, it intermittently turns on when I start the engine, if i turn the engine off & on again it goes away. The fun of buying a used truck!
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  7. Hey all, I bought an '03 AWD Silverado SS about a month ago. Only 136,000 miles for $12k and she runs great, or at least did. Trying to figure out if my recent muffler delete is causing the trans to have mushy shifts. It was a home hacksaw job from a buddy of mine just for fun but I've never had issues with muffler deletes in the past. I'm taking it to get a Flowmaster Super 40 or 44 put on next week hoping that solves the issue. Has anyone else ever encountered this? Would lack of back pressure on the LQ9 make a torque difference?
  8. I’m looking for a set of Foose Speedster 22” for my 2004 Silverado. Call me at 469-826-1243 if you have a set you are willing to sell.
  9. Had transmission rebuilt in 2004 ss Silverado, it's slipping again, I'm ready to buy something built, or 4L80... do you recommend any aftermarket transmissions? Or,will 4L80 slip rite in? Or is it 4L80E?
  10. Bought one of these a few months back to have for the future, and decided I’m not going to go crazy with this truck so not ever going to 80e swap it. Been sitting in the packaging since I bought it. $550 shipped
  11. My '99 silverado 1500 4wd started making this grinding noise when I take off. Mostly just when under load or if I hit the gas too hard. Transmission is working good. I had it rebuilt a couple of years ago. The only thing I can think of it is the transfer case. I have talked to a couple of people and searched some forums. Maybe a slipping chain in the transfer case or I saw a post about some snap ring in the tail shaft breaking. Do you guys have any experience or thoughts about my truck?
  12. @Time2Kill email is [email protected] I have a 02 yukon xL denali with tcase tag 149 gm and a 4l80e. You already know what im trying say email me pls or message me 17173837476. Thanks in advance.
  13. How much is your 4l80e to nvg149 kit I have a 06 pathfinder that is 427 lsx twin turbo(bw 76/82) swapped and has armada front and rear gear sets 4l80e just ready to make this thing roll
  14. Hey - I have this same issue on my 2003 GMC Yukon 2wd 5.3L with 180k miles. My battery was dying over night pretty much every night. I pulled the IPC/DIC fuse and it has sat for more than 2 days and battery is still good. I've read about and watched a YouTube video (South Main Auto) where the mechanic has a 2003 Silverado with this same issue, he traces the parasitic battery drain to the gauge cluster, and he sends the cluster away to United Radio and they refurbish it and the truck is good to go - it fixes the drain problem. They charge $175 for this service (up to $350, depends on what the tech finds wrong). One of the issues cited in the South Main Auto video (he calls and speaks to the tech to worked on his cluster) is that when they built these clusters in Mexico they used no lead solder, and that causes a "silver migration" issue -- basically sounds like it leads to some corrosion on the gauge cluster computer board and that can cause the constant power draw. I'm just wondering if those of you who had this problem had your cluster serviced or replaced the cluster with a new one, and did it fix the problem? Can I reasonably rely on my issue being the gauge cluster, or could it be OnStar that's causing my problem somehow? How can I permanently disable OnStar? I don't have a need for that anyway since cell phones are now a thing.
  15. That's exactly the bracket I'm talking about! I mean, if you ran without them for years, I'm just wondering if I can eliminate it on the passenger side.
  16. Hello I was just wondering what type of brackets did you use on your Holley fuel rails. I have the nnbs/rectangular port intake and I can't find the right one to fit the fuel rails
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  18. Me three in upstate NY
  19. I need the lower insert for 06 SS Intimidator. You have that?
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