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  2. One of the guys requested this look, I like it so I am passing it on for you all to see:
  3. Sounds like you have it figured out. But when I did the 07 Tahoe upgrade on the front, I got Centric calipers and rotors to match, for the rear. Those were Centric 14766045R and 14766045L rotors on the rear and S4764 Calipers on the rear. This let me match the drilled/slotted rotors from the front as well as the red calipers.
  4. I missed the part where you said there's only 1 dual rear option. That answered my question right there. Thanks
  5. I just searched my order history on rock auto, duh. What I bought before were AC Delco. It says 1500 base model dual piston caliper. I guess I have it figured out now.
  6. I looked it up on rock auto. All it tells me is 330mm rotor, not single or dual piston. I guess it narrows it down some though. Thanks again.
  7. Do you know if there are different versions of the 2 piston pads? If I choose one that says 2 piston, will they be correct? Some of the options (maybe all) for 2 piston calipers list that they are for 1500 HD. I guessing they used the 1500 HD calipers on the SS. Maybe the 1500 HD 2 piston calipers are different from the SS 2 piston calipers. I guess I will order some, and return if they dont work Thanks. I will look up that part number, and see if it tells me anything.
  8. Does anyone run this cam on their ss? I just ordered it.i use my truck on the weekends and sometimes it can be a daily driver..i have long tube headers a magnaflow and a volant cold air intake installed on my ss. I want my truck to sound a little bit meaner and just a bit faster..is this a good cam..not looking to turn my ss into a race truck...
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  10. I have an 03 AWD, and looking at my notes, I have Rear Pads as Centric 10508340. I did upgrade my front rotors with the 07 Tahoe rotors/calipers. And I agree, it can be frustrating finding the right parts at times. Not all parts lookup databases know about the SS variation.
  11. The AWD SS has dual rear piston and RWD has signal to my understanding. There is only 1 dual rear option. Dual piston is 330mm rotors single is 335mm
  12. I'm on rock auto trying to buy new rear pads. I've bought them before, but don't remember what I got. Rock auto has so many options, and the descriptions for the brands are all different and confusing. I'm seeing options for HD, quad steer, single/dual piston, 325mm or 330mm rotor, the rears are the same as the front for some. I know for sure they are two piston, because I looked. Are the brakes on the SS the same as the HD. Are the only options either single or dual piston? If so, that narrows it down. I'll know that i just need pads for dual piston calipers. I don't see any mention of SS anywhere on the site. Thanks.
  13. I recently bought a new house so the SSS has been put to work! But of course after a long day of hauling she got a good detail
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  15. Big mungie

    T56 swap

    I'm new on here and I need a little help. I'm replacing the junk nv3500 in my 99 silverado 1500. It has the 2 piece driveshaft and I heard i don't need to shorten it unless the truck originally had an auto. The truck is a manual extended cab 2wd. Any help is appreciated.
  16. Ive already spent so much time and money on mine that i'll never get it back so i'm keeping mine for sure! Plus they are badass and so much fun!
  17. Why was it salvaged? That would be my concern
  18. So because I just saw a 2003 short bed, stepside, 2dr. for sale for 37K I stopped! I looked at pics. and saw a brand new frame ?!?! new gas tank-tons of welding cross members, alum. drive shaft and on and on. BIG MONEY STUFF! 🥶 So I guess I have an $8,000 454-525hp 9.7 to 1 eng. for sale. Best of best stuff in it. Built enough cars and trucks to know when to stop. This is what happens when you take a pause of 20 yrs. in building stuff. 😭 Thanks guys for the info.
  19. The Shipman1 SS Bowtie will be on Ebay later today. It will be listed as: " Silverado SS Bowtie 2003 - 2007"
  20. Different is fine.. you'll probably get some haters mad at you for "messing up" an SS, but it's your truck. One of my pipe dream play toys would be an earlier GMT400 RCSB with a swap.. sometimes I want to do an 8.1/4L80E, other times I imagine parting out a wrecked SRT8 and putting the 6.1/6 speed or even the 5 speed auto into the truck, along with as much other stuff I could transplant like the seats, dash cluster, wheels, brakes, anything I could manage to adapt. Just don't have the time or the space anymore to get into something so extensive. Richard
  21. To anyone that knew Bob.  He passed away 4/28/2018.  My second dad.  His truck lives on with me.  


  22. Hello! I recently inherited my late uncle Bob Heard’s 2003 Silverado SS. I went to lots of the zippy meets in Michigan when I was a kid with him. Truck got me into my hobby and career. Most recent zippy meet was back in 2008 in Grand Haven, MI. I know he was present on here, maybe some of you knew him. Gonna try and learn what I can on here, and keep doing what he did with the truck.
  23. Thanks for the encouragement. I think you are among the few that doesn't think I'm crazy. This short bed-step side- body can look great, if you use the right combo of lowering, wheels, roll pan, and front end from an SS truck, ETC. It's a 2 door black truck and looks real nice. I hate that the old school SS 454 trucks were de-tuned to be "sleds". I have owned 2 and should have jerked motor and fixed problem. I built a 454 /30 over with 550 hp/600 ft.lb. torque. It's a 9.7 to 1 compression ratio with flat top pistons using 67 corvette heads. I had bullet cams- custom grind a cam exactly for this engine, heads, CR and rear end, etc. Gotta get stance right. Put a lot of time and $$$ to get paint perfect. Done it B4, just not with this body style. I really like the 2002-2005 short bed-stepsides, along with the SS trucks. At least the newer SS trucks run decently. I saw they are gonna do another SS truck in 2021. I've seen pics.
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