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  2. chevybowtie72

    03-05 Brand New Diamond Shape Front Lower Grilles

    I still have some...
  3. chevybowtie72

    03-05 Brand New Diamond Shape Front Lower Grilles

    I still have some left.
  4. Yesterday
  5. maxhickel

    Bagging an ss

    Looking to do accuair. Anyone know what kind of trouble I’m going to be looking at other than the removal of the tortion bars?
  6. Last week
  7. rudy91040

    Z06 Adapter Bracket Group Buy

    [email protected] I don’t get on here much these days. I still have a few left.
  8. mtsaxman

    2004 Arrival Blue SS, MT

    Moving on and ready to sell the truck. McGaughy's parts for the drop, all factory suspension components included. Tires replaced 2k miles ago. Sent the dash down to gmgaugeguy to have the gauges fixed and blue leds installed 2 years ago. Truck is my personal vehicle, owned for the last 5 years. Located in Billings, MT. Will only deliver if I'm picking up a vehicle where you're at. 169k miles, $10,500. Any questions please ask. Not looking for trades, but may consider an S2k+cash on my end, hayabusa + cash on your end, or a 67 impala 4door depending on condition.
  9. Sinister_Silverado


    PM Sent.
  10. Richchevy

    5/7 on 24s

    What size tire do I need to run 24s on a 5/7 drop
  11. I got a pair of rocker panels color is black. Normal wear for being on the bottom of the truck. Shoot me an offer willing to ship. 805-861-7776 text me for more info and pictures. Also have driver and passenger door claddings with damage on the corners. Will update post as parts are sold.
  12. Old post but I have 2003 Silverado ss. Needs new calipers in rear. So can I just do a 2005 Tahoe caliper upgrade fronts and do the fronts in the rear??
  13. Bgreenard

    Silverado SS 20s Wheels

    FYI, you can find the caps on eBay
  14. 07RCSB

    Z06 Adapter Bracket Group Buy

    I would be interested in a set of front brackets if you still have them.
  15. Bubbasoneddy

    350 Ss....?

    I have A 93 Chevy Silverado ss350 truck. It is stock and has the stock badges
  16. flyer104

    Shopman1 Silverado SS Bowties

    Put Me in for one front bowtie with Black SS letters
  17. Corey

    Z06 Brake Conversion

    Rudy do you still have front brackets?
  18. Yea man thanks brother
  19. Earlier
  20. The CV shafts? All the same.
  21. dkkustoms

    Custom Fiberglass Silverado SS roll pans

    I’ve had a few people contact me interested in these. Anyone else interested? Might be making another batch Drop me a line 818-681-9776 Eric
  22. 2006 GMC Sierra 1500, Vortec MAX Performance Edition, 200,000 highway miles, but new 6.0L LQ9 has only 40,000 miles, new upgraded Gearstar transmission has only 30,000 miles. Engine has base tune by Hutter Racing. 2WD with locking diff and traction control. Stainless steel brake lines. Newer tires, great tread. Issues: Some rust in cab corners, a few bubbles in paint, needs new air conditioning compressor, dent in rear bumper. More pics by request. East side of Cleveland, OH. $5,000 obo
  23. And what about the front axles are they different
  24. Awd trucks are different than 4x4. Awd t-case is smaller so the driveshaft is longer, if I remember right.
  25. Hey man one more question are all the front drive shafts the same or which trucks have one that will match my truck
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